Oh My Disney on… The Lion King

On this day in 1994, The Lion King was officially released in theaters! To celebrate, we pulled together some of our favorite posts we’ve done so far about Simba, Rafiki, and all the rest of ’em (click on the image to read the blog post).


Are You Timon or Pumbaa? 1 of 7
It's time to answer the eternal question... which comical sidekick are you?
Sarabi: Long Live the Queen 2 of 7
Let’s pause for a moment to talk about a lesser-lauded character in our favorite big cat epic: Sarabi.
15 Things You Thought While You Watched The Lion King 3 of 7
Here are 15 thoughts you likely had while you were first watching Timon and Pumbaa ask Simba, “What’s a motto with you?”:
Ode to the Hyenas From The Lion King 4 of 7
Shenzi, Banzai, Ed… they may not be the wisest of Disney characters, but they sure are delightful.
Scar: So Bad He's Good 5 of 7
Is it possible to be so bad that you’re good? If we’re talking about Scar, the answer is yes.
These Lion King Bloopers Are Everything 6 of 7
Seriously, you need to watch these bloopers.
Life Lessons from Scar 7 of 7
Our resident evil lion has some stellar advice on the best way to become the most hated creature in the Pride Lands.



In more anniversary news, The Legacy Collection: The Lion King is now available! Did you know it has 30 minutes of unreleased score? Yep. It’s awesome.

Posted 2 years Ago
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