Dog People are Dog People Because of Lucifer

When you are feeling blue and just need someone to sit with, it’s likely your dog will be there. The same can’t always be said for Lucifer-like cats. Every time we watch Cinderella we are reminded of why we are dog people and not cat people. Note: this is just one writer’s experience with dogs (and Lucifer). 


Dogs are content wherever they sleep.
No need for a fancy feline bed.


Dogs wouldn’t care if you woke them up early for breakfast.
Food = happiness. No matter when.


Dogs don’t scratch others (on purpose).
Cats have a problem keeping their claws to themselves.


Dogs know that other animals are friends not food.
Pick on someone your own size, Lucifer.


Dogs are cheerful, not sassy.


Dogs make great exercise buddies.
Lucifer doesn’t like working too hard.


Dogs don’t scheme against you.
The same can’t be said about cats.


Once a dog person, always a dog person. If you ever start leaning towards the cat side, just remember Lucifer. And for all of you who think cats rule and dogs drool, it’s okay. We’ll try to understand.

Posted 6 years Ago
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