It’s a Jolly Holiday with Bert: An Appreciation Post

Whether he’s a one-man band, sidewalk chalk artist, chimney sweep, or kite seller, Bert from Mary Poppins is a happy-go-lucky guy we can’t help but love. He’s just the person you’d want to have around when you need a laugh or advice. Since we love Bert so much, we wanted to take a moment and share all the reasons why he’s so great:


He’s quite talented.

Mary Poppins

Not only does he hold down various jobs, he’s a talented artist, impressionist, singer, and dancer. He truly is a jack-of-all-trades.


He thinks outside the box.

Bert Appreciation Post Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins

On their Jolly Holiday, Bert takes Mary Poppins to tea served by penguins. If that’s not imaginative, we don’t know what is.


He’s got a great sense of fashion.

Bert Appreciation Post Mary Poppins Penguins

Look at how dapper he is in that striped jacket and blue bowtie WITH MATCHING SOCKS. We appreciate a guy who matches his bowtie to his socks.


He puts others first.

Mary Poppins

Remember when he saved that adorable fox from the hunt? Bert really is a stand up guy.


He’s always dancing through life.

Mary Poppins

Bert never needs a reason, and never needs a rhyme, to step in time.


He’s just a ray of sunshine.

Bert Appreciation Post Mary Poppins Kites

Look at that face. That is the face of happiness.


He’s great at cheering people up.

Bert Appreciation Post Mary Poppins 1

When Jane and Michael run away after they visit the bank, Bert was there to lift their spirits.


He’s a true gentleman.

Bert Appreciation Post Mary Poppins 3

Even Mary Poppins calls him a diamond in the rough, and we wholeheartedly agree.


What’s your favorite thing about Bert?

Posted 3 years Ago
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