10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

There were more than several tears in the writing of this article. And we can neither confirm nor deny whether they were the one shining glistening tear type or the full-out ugly tears type (honestly it was somewhere in the middle). But that’s just how it goes with Pixar films – watching them makes us experience the full gamut of emotions, the feels, if you will. Here are some of the moments that really bring them out:


Sulley’s Goodbye to Boo

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

But, Kitty, don’t go.


Carl and Ellie’s Married Life

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

Their marriage montage may only be four minutes long, but that’s all it takes to reduce us to a puddle of emotions.


EVE’s Kiss to Save WALL•E

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

Especially because we kind of thought WALL•E was going to be the one to save EVE in the end. Surprise plot twist.


Heimlich’s Transformation into a Beautiful Butterfly

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

He’s just so happy.


Lightning’s Switch to a True Radiator Springs Resident

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

He buys tires from Luigi, gets a new paint job from Ramone, and restores the town to its old-school neon splendor.


The Toys’ Dedication to Each Other

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

Oh man, when they all hold hands, we can barely hold it together.


Ego’s Ratatouille Memory

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

We are immediately transported through a culinary/artistic expression of emotion. Not surprising being that it’s France and all.


Nemo Racing Back to say “Love you, dad”


We love you too, Nemo. And the love is making our hearts just too full.


Carl Giving the Ellie Badge to Russell

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

It’s the highest honor Carl can give, and it’s the highest chance of getting us to tear up once again during this film.


Andy’s Gift to Bonnie

10 Feeliest Pixar Moments

It might be one of the best gifts ever in the history of gift-giving. Because, as we know, the thing that makes Woody special is that he’ll never give up on you no matter what. We can’t imagine saying so long to this partner.
We’ll give you a few minutes to regain control of your emotions. What’s your favorite feel-y Pixar moment?

Posted 7 years Ago
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