There’s no easy way to say this, so we’re just going to be blunt: we’re a bit obsessed with Disney owls. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “What in the WORLD is so special about Disney owls?!” Plop your bottom down and get comfortable. It’s time for a lesson.


Disney owls are adorable yet authoritative. They are all-knowing and mysterious. They are protective of their young, but caring. Their eyes glow with the burning yellow intensity of years of wisdom. Also, they can twist their necks 360 degrees around. HOW RAD IS THAT? Simply put, Disney owls are a hoot.


Disney owls do not hide their emotions very well.


Case in point: Archimedes gets flustered quite easily.


Disney owls are nimble and flexible, yet they get quite dizzy at times.


Hoo says Disney owls are perfect?


Disney owls love to get their beauty sleep.




Disney owls have been known to cause quite the ruckus.


Owl may think he knows everything, but in reality, he just causes a commotion whenever he uses his (lack of) literary skills.


Disney owls are motherly and thoughtful.


Mama Owl was the first creature who stepped in when Tod was left all alone to fend for himself. If that’s not sweet and loving, we don’t know what is.


Disney owls give really awesome hugs.


Can you feel the love?


Disney owls are spontaneous.


And a bit terrifying at times.


Disney owls can be a bit high-strung.


But their hearts are in the right place.


Disney owls are noble.


They also look super stylish in red.


Some Disney owls are wise and bubbly, with a tune in their soul.


Is everybody ready to SingAlong to their favorite Disney song?


Disney owls are just waiting to spread musical joy.


Not even waiting, they’re spreading that joy proactively.


You can’t disagree with the facts. Disney owls are truly unlike anything else in this world.

Posted 7 years Ago
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