The Boldest Moments from Disney Movies

Bold is more than a word, it’s a way of life. Today we’re going to illustrate that with some attitude, courage, and a little help from friends, being bold and empowered can become as easy as, say telling the guard who’s watching the crown you’re trying to steal gesundheit in the middle of the theft. That’s just one example.


When Piglet Walks Through the Scary Forest
boldest moments from disney movies - piglet
Piglet is a lot of things: cute, pink, and little, are some examples that come to mind. What he’s not known for is courage. However, when it comes to finding his friends, Piglet would do anything. He faces his fear, and for us, it doesn’t get bolder than that.


When Anna Punches Hans in the Face
Throughout Frozen, Anna moves to the beat of her own drum, but is totally blindsided by Hans’ betrayal (as are we all). When she finally sees him after he tries to do away with both her and Elsa, she delivers him some swift justice. This move is both bold and amazing.


When Nemo Swims Beyond the Drop Off
boldest momentfrom disney movies - Nemo
Nemo has lived his entire life in the reef. He’s been told over and over again that everything farther than the drop off is terrifying and inhabited completely by things that want to eat him. But he’s curious and brave, so Nemo goes forth. Boldly. (This is also the catalyst of all of the action that happens in the movie.)


When Tiana Stands Up to Dr. Facilier
boldest disney moments - princess and the frog
Note to Dr. Facilier: DO NOT mess with Tiana. Your voodoo trickery doesn’t hold a candle to this girl’s perseverance and daring-do. When Tiana shows Dr. Facilier who’s boss, she also shows us what it means to be bold.


When Jane And Dr. Porter Stay in the Jungle
boldest disney characters - jane
To jungle or not to jungle? That is the question Jane and her father are faced with at the end of Tarzan. Their decision to stay, so that Jane and Tarzan can be together, is also a step into the unknown. They’ll never see their home again, and will instead have to start over. It’s a bold move that pays off.


When Dumbo Flies Without the Feather
boldest moments from disney movies - dumbo
Real talk: Dumbo is an elephant and he knows it. We don’t need to tell you know that elephants are not meant to fly (see: the plot of Dumbo). The feather was what he thought he needed, but when he realized he only needed to believe in himself, he flew even higher.


When Giselle Climbs the Woolworth Building 
the boldest disney movie moments - enchanted
First of all, we need to reiterate that we’re talking about the Empire State Building, and no, Giselle is not Spider-Man. She transforms from a girl who is reactionary (waiting for her Prince to come) to a woman fighting for Robert, willing to scale a very tall building to save him. That’s pretty much the definition of bold.


When Remy Decides to be a Chef
boldest moments from disney movies - remy
Rats aren’t what people generally want when it comes to kitchen-related tasks. Knowing this, Remy still has the courage to pursue his dream. We’d like an order of bold with a side of bold, please.


When Jack Sparrow Goes After the Black Pearl
Everything's Coming Up Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sinking
Jack Sparrow and his ship have a deep connection that the rest of us can only hope we’ll one day experience with another living being (or nautical vessel). He is willing to go to the ends of the earth (literally…one of the movies is called “At World’s End”) and fight zombie pirates to take back what’s his.


When Jasmine Leaves the Palace
the boldest disney movie moments - princess jasmine
Princesses are typically sheltered, and some of them are okay with this. Not Jasmine. She wants nothing more than to be free to explore the world, and be herself. Saying goodbye to Raja, and everything she’s ever known, is bold and fearless.


When Quasimodo Steps Outside Notre Dame
the boldest disney movie moments - quasimodo
Frollo has told Quasimodo that he’s a monster for his entire life and that if he were ever to show his face in public, people would fear and hate him. But Quasimodo longs to be where the people are, to experience all the things he missed growing up alone. So, he decides to spend a day outside the cathedral, and changes his life. It’s boldness we could all learn something from.


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Posted 5 years Ago
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