He might not have a skull or bones, but Olaf definitely has a heart of gold. This happy snowman provides us with plenty of laughs and is the clutch character that brings Anna and Elsa together. Without his lovable spirit and proverbial warmth, Arendelle probably would have remained frozen forever.


When we first meet Olaf, he’s just a regular, adorable, snowman that Anna and Elsa build together. This snowman is more than just a character, he is a symbol of the love Anna and Elsa have for each other.

Building Olaf 1 Building Olaf 3

C’mon just look at how happy they are!


After Elsa accidentally hits Anna with her ice powers, we see Olaf fall apart and from then on, Anna and Elsa’s relationship is fractured just like our crumbling snowman friend (cue tears).

Olaf Breaking

Symbolism is powerful.


As Anna and Elsa grow up, they drift farther apart from one another. For Anna, wanting to build a snowman comes to represent wanting to fix her relationship with Elsa (look at us using our English degrees).

Anna Snowman1

Okay, bye.


Later on when Elsa flees to the North Mountain, she realizes she can now let it go (yes, we went there). And what is the first thing she does with her powers? She builds a snowman!

Elsa Building Olaf

And it’s not just any snowman, of course, it’s Olaf! And by means of deducing symbolism, she still cares about Anna, too! Now we have a serious case of the feels.


After he becomes a magical snowman, Olaf runs into, (and proceeds to be kicked by), Anna and Kristoff. As soon as Anna puts him back together and gives him a nose, she realizes that he’s the same Olaf she and Elsa built as kids.


We also find out that Olaf is a snowman who dreams of seeing summer. This doesn’t directly have to do with his clutchness, but we really just enjoy his exuberance for the sunny season.


Olaf, being the ever helpful snowman that he is, leads Anna and Kristoff to Elsa’s ice palace.

Olaf Stairs

Seriously, those two would have been climbing up the North Mountain forever if it weren’t for Olaf.


Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart (whoops). When Hans reveals his evil plan to take over the kingdom, and leaves Anna to freeze in a locked room, Olaf unlocks the door, with his carrot nose, and quickly lights a fire to keep Anna warm.


Also he discovers heat, and loves it.


Now, this is when Olaf’s shining moment comes: Anna, hurt by both Hans and her sister, tells Olaf she doesn’t even know what love is. And of course, Olaf, with his knack for being clutch, tells Anna, “love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.”

Princess BFFs Anna and Olaf

Whoa. This knowledge helps Anna realize that Kristoff is her true love. But, this piece of advice will play an important part later on in our tale (ooh, foreshadowing).


Anna, who is freezing at a rapid pace, makes her way to Kristoff. In the distance though, she spots Hans, who is about to kill Elsa.

Elsa and Anna hug in Frozen

Even though she knows Kristoff is her true love, she sacrifices herself for Elsa. Remember how we said Olaf’s advice would be important later on? This is that moment. Right now.



In the end, Anna and Elsa’s love for one another saves them both.

Anna Elsa Frozen

Elsa realizes that love was the answer to bringing back summer (and controlling her powers).


Anna and Elsa are reunited, Anna punches Hans, Anna and Kristoff kiss, and Elsa gives Olaf his own personal flurry so he’ll never melt again.


So, everyone lives happily ever after (well, not Hans, of course), thanks to help of a little ray of snowman sunshine named Olaf.


The End.

Posted 6 years Ago
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