Hugging is a great way to show you care without saying anything at all. And Disney characters are the very best at it. Let’s celebrate our favorite moments that were oh-so-hug-worthy:


Lilo and Stitch

Best Hugs - 01 Lilo and Stitch

When Stitch finally finds his ‘ohana.


Toy Story 3

Best Hugs - 21 Toy Story 3

When Andy passes Woody down to Bonnie.


Brother Bear

Best Hugs - 02 Brother Bear

When Koda is reunited with his mom.


The Emperor’s New Groove

Best Hugs - 03 Emperor's New Groove

When Kuzco’s done being a jerk (and a llama) and has a blast with Pacha’s super awesome family.


Finding Nemo

Best Hugs - 04 Finding Nemo

When Nemo swims back to Marlin to give him a hug before going off to school.



Best Hugs - 05 Aladdin

When Genie’s free!



Best Hugs - 06 Frozen

When Anna and Elsa’s sisterly love is strong enough to thaw a frozen heart.



Best Hugs - 07 Hercules

When Pegasus and Hercules first meet and it’s love at first head boop.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Best Hugs - 08 THND

When the townspeople look past Quasimodo’s appearance.


The Jungle Book

Best Hugs - 09 The Jungle Book

When Mowgli realizes Baloo is a-okay.


The Lion King

Best Hugs - 10 Lion King

When Nala and Simba see that their friendship hasn’t changed a bit despite all the years that have passed.


The Little Mermaid

Best Hugs - 11 The Little Mermaid

When King Triton finally lets Ariel choose her own destiny.


Monsters, Inc.

Best Hugs - 12 Monsters Inc

When Mike Wazowski succumbs to Boo’s extreme cuteness.


Best Hugs - 13 Monsters Inc

And when Sulley and Boo give each other a good-bye hug.



Best Hugs - 14 Mulan

When Fa Zhou says that the greatest gift and honor is having Mulan for a daughter.


Oliver and Company

Best Hugs - 15 Oliver and Co

When Jenny and Oliver have a little piano practice, because they’ll always be good company.



Best Hugs - 22 Wall-E

When WALL•E and EVE float through the stars together.


101 Dalmatians

Best Hugs - 16 101 Dal

When Anita and Perdita are reunited and all one hundred and one pups are back home safe.


The Rescuers

Best Hugs - 17 Rescuers

When Bernard and Bianca rescue Penny and escape the evil clutches of Medusa.


The Incredibles

Best Hugs - 19 Incredibles

When the Parrs embrace their superpowers and each other before taking down Syndrome.



Best Hugs - 20 Tangled

When the lost princess returns to her royal family.



Best Hugs - 21 Up

When Russell earns his final Wilderness Explorer badge thanks to Carl.


Big Hero 6

Whenever Baymax hugs anyone.


Which Disney hug is your favorite?

Posted 5 years Ago
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