Disney Doppelgangers: UK Hunks Edition

Ask us what our two favorite things in life are, and we’ll reply: Disney things and British things. Today, we combine them in what may just be the most important contribution to society in which this blog has ever taken part. We smell a Pulitzer. But enough about us, let’s get to the  UK-(and Ireland)-born hunks and their corresponding Disney character look-alikes. You’re welcome.


Benedict Cumberbatch & Roger Radcliffe
If the resemblance doesn’t impress you, no British thing will.


Russell Brand & Captain Hook
One favors guyliner and the other an over-the-top hat, but these two could be pirate brothers. Birates? Prothers? We’ll leave it to you to come up with a nickname.


Matt Smith & Milo Thatch
Fact: Nerdy guys with bowties and a british accent are our weakness.


Henry Cavill & Prince Eric
Oh man. The eyes. The smile. The perfectly defined jaw and flawless bone structure. We can’t.


Dan Stevens & Hans
Say it with us: sideburns.


Richard Madden & Prince Charming
He’s going to be playing Charming in the upcoming live-action Cinderella, and we definitely approve.


Matthew McNulty &  Prince Phillip
Matthew isn’t super well known here in the states, but he should be. Because look at the dreaminess.


Charlie Hunnam & Phoebus
All Charlie needs is a haughty—but cute—air about him, and these two could switch places.


Colin Farrell & Jim Hawkins
disney-dopplegangers---colin-farrell-and-jim hawkins
But seriously, they’re the same person. Down to the earring.


Ben Barnes & Flynn Rider
It’s the real life smolder.


BONUS: Michael Fassbender & Bruce
The smile though.


Posted 7 years Ago
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