Robin Williams’ Greatest Disney Moments

Yesterday we were deeply saddened by the loss of Robin Williams, but today, we’re celebrating his life and the joy he brought to all of us. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite moments—both on film and in person—that we’ll always remember. Thank you, Robin.


Mork & Mindy
Nanu nanu. We were never quite as enamored with an alien as we were with Mork. Through Robin’s performance we discovered all the amazing moments of everyday life on Earth anew. And who else could possibly pull off rainbow suspenders? One critic called his work, “unadulterated brilliance.


Good Morning, Vietnam
“Goooood morning, Vietnam!” This classic moment was integrated into The Great Movie Ride and never fails to get a round of applause from guests. Robin’s performance in this role earned him his first Oscar nomination in 1988.


Back to Never Land
This film attraction at Hollywood Studios gave guests the inside info on how Disney animation is brought to life. Robin (and Walter Cronkite) showed us that with a little imagination, anything is possible. “What do you say we add some fun, huh?” That’s what Robin did best.


Robin Willaims in Aladdin Genie
This is probably one of Robin’s most iconic moments. His incredible, and largely improvised, performance made us love Genie (and him) immediately and forever.


The Timekeeper
This Circle Vision 360 film, which played at Disney Parks around the world, was the first to have an actual plot and use audio animatronics. Robin voiced the Timekeeper, and even though he got his history a bit criss-crossed, we loved going on this epic journey with him.


Golden Globes Special Achievement Awards Speech
Robin’s performance in Aladdin prompted the Foreign Press Association to create a special award for him at the 1993 Golden Globes. “It’s not an actual award,” he said, “but thank you anyway. Gracias, shalom, thank you.”


One of the best things about Robin was how his performances had so much wide-eyed wonder and hope. Robin re-defined the iconic role for a new generation of fans and we laughed all the way through.


Dead Poets Society
In one of our favorite films, Jack Keating taught us to look at life from a different angle, and live it to the fullest: “If you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? Carpe… hear it? Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”


The emotional range needed to play this role was monumental and Robin took it on with grace and honesty. He transformed into Jack so seamlessly, it’s easy to forget that this was a performance at all.


Disney Legend Inauguration Speech
In 2009, Robin Williams became an official Disney Legend at the Disney D23 Expo. Our favorite quotes from his acceptance speech:
“Great to be here with Mickey because when my daughter was three, Mickey was Brad Pitt to her.”
“To all the animators that made Aladdin, thank you. You really pushed the boundaries on what animation could do.”
“How come Donald doesn’t have to wear pants?”


Join our celebration of this Disney Legend and tell us your favorite Robin Williams moment in the comments.


Posted 7 years Ago
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