That Time Frozen Gave Us All the Feels

Frozen. Just say the word, and we immediately break out into song and get a big smile on our faces. Even on 100th viewing of this film (yes, we’ve been keeping track) we are still just as emotionally invested in the story. There are just certain moments during Frozen where we get a serious case of the feels. (And as with any case of the feels, it’s best to share all the moments that make you laugh and cry with everyone you know.) So, we compiled our favorite Frozen moments so we can all share all our emotions with you. You’re welcome in advance.


1. When Anna and Elsa build Olaf.

Building Olaf 1

This is the stuff sister relationships were made of.


2. The first chorus of “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?”

Anna Snowman1

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the feeliest, this song is an 11.


3. The second chorus.

Anna Snowman 2

Now our feelings level is at a 12.


4. The third chorus.

Anna Snowman 4

Our feelings scale is now broken. That song gets us really worked up, okay?


5. When Anna tries to talk to Elsa.

Anna Elsa Talking

She just wants to love you Elsa. JUST LET HER LOVE YOU.


6. When Hans says, “I would never shut you out.”

Hans and Anna

C’mon how could you not fall for his charm and his amazing sideburns?


7. When Elsa runs away.

Elsa Running
The music gets really dramatic here, which adds to the intensity of the situation.


8. All of “Let It Go.”

Elsa Let it go

This song makes us feel like we can conquer the world and build an amazing ice palace. Okay, maybe not the ice palace, but one can dream.


9. When Anna tells Kristoff to catch her when she jumps off the mountain.


This crazy trust exercise is just so cute.


10. When Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart.

Anna Heart Freezing

The first time we saw this scene, we audibly gasped.


11. When Kristoff returns Anna back to the castle.

Door Closing

He loves her so much. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE, KRISTOFF.


12. When Hans doesn’t kiss Anna.

Hans and Anna Kiss

And at this point we screamed in the movie theater and yelled, “WHY, HANS WHY?!”


13. When Olaf tells Anna that some people are worth melting for.

Olaf Melting

Olaf almost melts here, and also melts our hearts.


14. When Anna sacrifices herself for Elsa.

Anna Freezing

No, we aren’t crying. We just have a twig or a branch in our eye.


What moments in Frozen gave you all the feels?

Posted 5 years Ago
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