Clutch Characters: Evinrude

We all love Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers.

They are well dressed mice that go on worldly adventures together for The Rescue Aid Society. Our favorite adventure is clearly their mission to save sweet Penny from the Devil’s Bayou. This mission could not have been successful without the help of Evinrude, the most courageous dragonfly we know. Not only does he wear a sweater vest (making him incredibly stylish) but he never gives up the rescue mission at hand. Here’s the story of Evinrude and the clutch character that he is:


The first time we meet Evinrude is when Bernard and Bianca need a boat to find Penny. Evinrude has the fastest—and only— boat in the Bayou.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 8


Sidenote: Evinrude is in his elder dragonfly years and still a clutch character. Being the only dragonfly with a boat in the Bayou must be exhausting, and he still flies his hardest everyday.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 9


While trying to find Penny, Bianca falls out of the boat. And guess who is there to save the day? Evinrude of course.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 11


Once Bernard and Bianca make it safely to Medusa’s boat, they realize they need a little more help. Bernard sends his trusty friend, Evinrude, to get help from the other town animals.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 6


On his way to get help, Evinrude is chased by a pack of bats and is forced to find a hiding place. Talk about a harrowing fight for a good cause.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 5


After getting away from the bats, all it takes is a sip of courage and he is back to being the clutch dragonfly that he is.
Evinrude_The Rescuers_GIF


And then it’s time to lead the rescue crew to Medusa’s boat. For such a little dragonfly, he is once again a mighty leader.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 4


Spoiler alert: Evinrude joins the celebration boat ride after successfully saving Penny, and keeping the diamond away from Medusa.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 1


And it’s no surprise that in the end Evinrude’s the one to bring The Rescue Aid Society a new mission. He is always looking out for everyone and up for a new adventure.
Evinrude_The Rescuers 2


The Rescuers would not be The Rescuers without Evinrude. If it wasn’t for him, the diamond wouldn’t be in the right hands, Penny would not have gotten adopted, and Bianca and Bernard would not have ended up together. It’s clear that this is one of our favorite Disney films because of the greatest dragonfly in the Bayou: Evinrude.

Posted 7 years Ago
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