Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar

When life gives Pixar lemons, they’d probably make the most groundbreaking CGI lemonade the world’s ever seen. There’s no better source than the minds inside Pixar when it comes to creativity, problem-solving, and the motivation to succeed with flying, brilliantly rendered colors. We’ve gathered words of wisdom from some of Pixar’s finest to boost your week with a big dose of inspiration (and some really rad concept art).


“Your voice is worthwhile. Have faith in it.” — John Lasseter
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Buzz Lightyear


“You know there’s always that kid in your class — and every class has one — the kid who draws all the time and is really good? That was not me. I was a lousy draftsman. But as soon as I figured out that I could make things come alive, like using the corners of my math book to make flipbooks, I was hooked.” — Pete Docter
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Monsters, Inc.


“To be a truly creative company, you must start things that might fail.” — Ed Catmull
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Campus


“If you’re always questioning and allowing yourself to be humble enough to take your licks and accept the idea that your work can always be improved, then you’re much more inclined to learn from other people’s projects and become better.” — Brad Bird
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Ratatouille


“Candor could not be more crucial to our creative process. Why? Because early on, all of our movies suck.” — Ed Catmull
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Ed Catmull


“It’s like you run into this dark tunnel, trusting that somewhere there’s another end to it where you’re going to come out. And there’s a point in the middle where it’s just dark. There’s no light from where you came in and there’s no light at the other end; all you can do is keep running. And then you start to see a little light, and a little more light, and then, bam! You’re out in the sun.” —Pete Docter
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Up


“There’s never a wrong idea. You just keep throwing stuff out and inevitably there are elements of different things that inspire a character or environment.” — John Lasseter
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Lightning McQueen


“That’s the crux of the picture: Are you just going to follow your programming or are you going to take a chance?” — Jim Reardon, head of story/writer
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, WALL-E


“We had done the impossible. We had done the thing that everyone told us we couldn’t do. And we done it spectacularly well. It was the fuel that has continued to burn in all of us.” — Lee Unkrich
Mid-Week Inspiration from Pixar, Finding Nemo


Whoa. We are sufficiently inspired to take on the rest of the week (and anything else we might put our minds to). How does Pixar inspire you? Tell us in the comments!

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