Every Love Story Begins with a Pongo and Perdita Moment

One of the world’s most nerve-wracking and wonderful situations is spotting someone that you think is cute. If you’re anything like us, there are a lot of emotional stages that lead to being brave enough to say that fateful hello. If you do, there’s a chance that this could be the beginning of something wonderful, and there’s really no couple who understands that better than Pongo and Perdita. Their first meeting is a textbook example of all the stages you go through in this magical (and sometimes embarrassing) moment. Let’s review:


First, you see someone across the room.

Pongo 101 Dalmatians 1

You don’t quite know if you’re elated or gassy, but you’re somewhere in that zone (of crushing).


Your smitten levels start to exponentially increase.

Pongo 101 Dalmatians 2

You know that you’ll never find another person as great as this, not even if you looked for a hundred years.


Then, you have to figure out how to stage the meeting.

Pongo 101 Dalmatians 3

It has to be casual. You don’t want them to think you’ve been staring at them for the last five minutes.


Of course, your friend is totally stalling and not helping.

Roger Pongo 101 Dalmatians 2

Don’t they realize the situation at hand? THIS PERSON COULD BE THE ONE.


You start to make your move by inching closer and closer to new apple of your eye.

Pongo Roger 101 Dalmatians

This is the part where you start to build up your courage.


Next, it’s time to stage the casual walk by.

Pongo Walking By

The key is making them notice you, without looking like you’ve noticed that they’re noticing you.


Most of the time though, you DO notice each other.

Pongo and Perdita

Cue awkward moment.


Your nerves start to get the best of you, which causes you to do something silly.

Pongo 101 Dalmatians 5

Love makes fools out of all us.


Hold on a second, where did they go?

Pongo Missing

PANIC ATTACK. Did your weirdness drive them away?!


Turns out, they were there along.

Perdita 101 Dalmatians

Even though getting there was a little absurd, you finally meet, and it’s perfect and wonderful. Hooray!


Then, you fall in love and live happily ever after.

101 Dalmatians Wedding

The End.

Posted 7 years Ago
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