Disney Princess BFF Wish List

We love the Disney Princesses, they’re sassy and go after their dreams—just like us! So naturally, we’ve thought about how great it would be if they were our best friends forever. We could braid each other’s hair, sing about finding true love, wear pretty dresses, and bake things. It would be great. Thus it follows that we’ve spent our free time compiling the following list of attributes that we’d like our dream BFF to possess (lovingly borrowed from the personalities of our favorite princesses). You never know when you’ll need a good list.


1. Cinderella’s Kindness
There’s nothing Cinderella wouldn’t do for her friends and vice versa. She’d remind us that while our token sarcasm is fun, being nice to others is even better.


2. Mulan’s Bravery
Girl isn’t afraid to take risks for the sake of those she loves, and we love that about her. She also isn’t afraid to be kick-butt herself, which is a lesson we could also use every once and a while.


3. Rapunzel’s Adventurous Nature
Signs You're Turning into a Disney Character - Flynn Rider, Rapunzel
Rapunzel has been cooped up in that tower for so long that she’s overdue to experience the world. We would love to go on adventures with her and try new things. She brings out the best in people and is a friend to everyone. We like that.


4. Snow White’s Generosity
Princess BFF - Snow White
Snow White is possibly the nicest person ever. She also keeps a positive outlook, is willing to help her friends clean, bakes them pie, and sings to birds. We want her to teach us how to get to the level of trust with a blue bird so that it rests on our finger whilst we serenade it.


5. Jasmine’s Confidence

Princess Jasmine is not a prize to be won, and she is not afraid to let people know it. She knows that she’s all that and a bag of chips, and isn’t willing to settle for anything less than true love. What a great reminder to all of us ladies (and gents).


6. Aurora’s Optimism
disney on dreaming - aurora, sleeping beauty
Even though she lives a pretty secluded life in the woods with three zany old ladies (does anyone else think this scenario would make a pretty great sitcom?) Aurora never never feels sorry for herself. She allows herself to stay positive and dream that one day, love will come to her.


7. Tiana’s Perseverance
Everybody Needs A Friend Like Tiana_Travel
Tiana has dreamed one dream all of her life, and even during hard times, she refuses to give up on it.  We don’t doubt for one second that somehow she’ll open that restaurant. And when she finally does, after all the tribulations and obstacles, it’s that much sweeter. Plus, we would love a friend who could make us amazing beignets when we needed a pick-me-up.


8. Belle’s Intellect
Signs You're Turning into a Disney Character - Belle
We have many an English major on our editorial staff, and there’s nothing we like more than a stirring conversation complete with biting wit and clever asides. Belle would not only be a great addition to these chats, she’s also just day-dreamy enough to be join our hipster picnics and British miniseries-watching club.


9. Pocahontas’ Heart
Pocahontas doesn’t judge people by their outward appearance, and she doesn’t let the opinions and beliefs of others sway her own. She trusts her heart to guide her, and we’d like to think that we do the same.


10. Ariel’s Fun-Loving Spirit
Which Disney Wedding Should You Have? The Little Mermaid - Ariel
Girl’s just wanna have fun, as the amazing ‘80s classic reminds us. Ariel’s youthful vivacity would help us remember that life isn’t all British miniseries and work, there should definitely be some laughter in there as well. We’d also really like to get our hands on her insane thingamabob collection. We think there’s a Vermeer in there that could potentially be worth quite a bit.


Which Disney Princess would you like as a BFF?

Posted 4 years Ago
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