You Can Learn A Lot About Life from The Sword in the Stone

If you haven’t watched The Sword in the Stone recently, we invite you to give this Disney classic a viewing. It has memorable characters, Sherman Brothers songs, and lots of hilarious moments. What we love most about this film though, is that has a lot of important life lessons. While Wart was learning a lot about the world, we all learned a lot about the world. For example:


“Manners, manners, manners, guests first! You know that.”

Sword in the Stone Merlin

We all could use a reminder of this one now and again. Politeness can go a long way.


“Don’t you get any foolish ideas that magic will solve all your problems.”

Merlin Wart Sword in the Stone

Okay, so we don’t have magical powers, but you still can’t rely on an easy fix for your dilemmas.


“So, you must plan for the future, boy! You’ve got to find a direction.”

Sword in the Stone Merlin 2

Merlin’s quite right about this one. You have to know where you’re going in life in order to get there.


“It’s up to you how far you go. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

Merlin Wart as Fish Sword in the Stone

As Merlin later says, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


“You can’t always trust in luck.”

Wart as a Squirrel Sword in the Stone

Leaving things up to chance is never a good plan.


“That love business is a powerful thing…. I’d say it’s the greatest force on earth.”

Squirrel Sword in the Stone

This one’s a little too true.


“Just because you don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

Wart Sword in the Stone

You tell ‘em Wart. Open-mindedness is important to have in life.


“Man has always learned from the past. After all, you can’t learn history in reverse!”

Archimedes Sword in the Stone

Archimedes is the wisest owl we’ve ever known.


“Knowledge and wisdom is the real power.”

Wart Archimedes Sword in the Stone

The best lesson you need to be the future King of England.


What’s your favorite life lesson from The Sword in the Stone?


Posted 7 years Ago
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