Disney Characters Who Could Use a Vacation

We’ve all had that moment where we’d like nothing more than to hit the open road and take a breather. There’s something about a vacation that relaxes and renews us, which is really important for our sanity. And the happiness of everyone around us. Everyone could use a vacation at some point or another, but these characters could use one immediately. Please, someone, give these characters a much needed break.


Sleepy, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
He’s clearly over-tired, and if Sleepy doesn’t take a break to relax and get the rest he needs that lethargy will only get worse.


Zazu and Simba, The Lion King
Nala and Simba are pretty sassy cubs. They ask lots of questions, lack patience, and try Zazu’s (already frayed) nerves. Somebody get this bird a trip to Hawaii. Stat.


Mr. Banks
George Banks, Mary Poppins
His neighbor sets off a cannon on the hour, every hour. He works at the saddest bank in the world. His hat gets a hole punched into it. We could go on.


Pip, Enchanted
This chipmunk has serious anxiety and we don’t really blame him. He’s thrust into a world in which he can’t speak, yet has to save Giselle from the Queen’s dastardly plans. And he’s a rodent.


Gaston and LeFou, Beauty and the Beast
The amount of physical and verbal violence this man deals with on a daily basis from his alleged best friend, is truly shocking. He needs some R&R and a new vocation.


Phil, Hercules
He’s trained tons of heroes, but they all seem to have an achilles heel (wink). He also has anger issues, height issues, frustration issues…you get the gist. Somebody get this satyr to a vacation resort on Crete.


Will Turner
Will Turner, Pirates of the Caribbean
We love Jack Sparrow, but dealing with him on an everyday basis seems like a challenge. Especially for an earnest, nice guy like Will. He just wants to save Elizabeth, not mess about with ghosts or hang around Tortuga.


Mayor, The Nightmare Before Christmas
This guy’s face has a default “panic” setting. Need we say more?


White Rabbit
White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland
He lives by the ticking of his clock, perpetually late and frazzled. Dude could use a yoga retreat, and maybe a zen garden.


Nana, Peter Pan
Poor, Nana. Not only does she take care of three kids, she also has to take care of their parents. Not an easy task. We hope there’s a doggie spa near the Darlings’ house.


The King
The King, Cinderella
We imagine securing your lineage when you’re a king is a super stressful process. We imagine this because we’ve seen Cinderella and observed that the King is bright red almost the entire time he’s on-screen. He should take a break, let Charming hold down the fort, and go on a royal tour.


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Posted 5 years Ago
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