9 Things You Wish Were As Simple in Real Life As They Are in Disney Movies

It’s hard not to be jealous of Disney characters. Not only do they live in magical worlds full of talking animals, dashing princes, and helpful fairies, but even everyday tasks are just all-around easier for them.
If you’ve ever wished your life could be a Disney movie, you’ll get where we’re coming from as we present our list of 9 things that should be as simple in real life as they are in Disney movies:

1. Learning a new language

Anyone who has ever spent hours painstakingly conjugating verbs knows that learning another language is a huge undertaking… which is why we are all infinitely jealous of Pocahontas’ vague ability to “listen with her heart” and immediately speak fluent English. We tried listening with our hearts in Spanish class, and let’s just say the results were disappointing.


2. Dress shopping

Prom, parties, weddings… Once you hit high school, the dress-wearing obligations never end. Hunting for the perfect one can be fun, but it’s also time consuming. It would be nice to have a Fairy Godmother wave her wand and magically fit us in the most gorgeous, flattering, classy dress (or suit) imaginable, and then we could use all that time we saved doing other critical tasks (like watching tv… or, you know, getting work done).


3. Throwing a dinner party

When it comes to entertaining and cooking for friends, we all want to be the hostess with the mostest. It would be a slam dunk if our silverware did all the entertaining and cooking for us. You know who can resist the charm of amazing cuisine served by adorable dancing plates? No one, that’s who.


4. Cleaning

Having a spic-and-span living space is an incredible feeling. Actually putting in the manual labor of cleaning is not. That is, unless friendly forest creatures are helping you. Not only would you be able to deep clean the entire house from top to bottom in the amount of time it takes you to sing a single song, but you would have fun doing it. If that’s not magical, nothing is.


5. Getting ready in the morning

Every morning is a battle between waking up (the worst) and scrambling to not be late if you get a little too friendly with the snooze button (also the worst). Meanwhile, Rapunzel gets more done between 7 and 7:15am than most of us get done in the entire day. And most of us don’t even have seventy feet of hair to contend with.


6. House/apartment shopping

So, you have two choices. 1) You can spend weeks touring residences, negotiating leases/mortgages, and crossing your fingers you don’t get surprised by a pest problem after move-in day. 2) You can use your magic powers to build yourself the ice palace of your dreams, complete with spiral staircase and statement chandelier, in about 35 seconds. Which sounds better? Yeah, we agree.


7. Packing

There’s nothing we’d rather be doing than traveling. But traveling also means packing, and packing means trying to predict what the weather will be like, how dressy you’ll be feeling, and whether or not you’ll get invited to a fancy tea with the queen. While you’re despairing over which outfits you’ll have to leave behind, a blessed few can just pack their entire room—literally—into one suitcase. If only “Higitus Figitus” worked on us too.


8. Growing up

“My adolescence could best be summarized in a sequence of me strutting casually over a log with my two best friends and no cares in the world,” said no one ever. We envy Simba’s embodiment of Hakuna Matata—our past selves could have used more of it during those awkward years.


9. Working out

We know staying healthy is important, but forcing ourselves to get out of the house and into the gym is still a giant pain. Having an army of like-minded individuals training with us would make it less so. Shang singing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” to us as we sweat on the treadmill wouldn’t hurt, either. Alright, who’s in favor of a Disney fan gym meet-up?
There’s no doubt about it: living in a Disney movie is just an all-around better deal than living in real life. Luckily for us, we can watch and rewatch our favorites whenever we need a brief escape to the simple, magical, good life. (And we always do.)


What part of your life do you wish were as simple as it is in Disney movies? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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