Idioms That Really Happen In Disney Movies

Amidst the colorful characters in Disney movies are storylines that sound a little familiar. That’s because the common colloquial phrases your grandparents used in your childhood (aka idioms) are hiding in these films in plain sight. Idioms and common catch phrases like these:


When pigs fly:
Hamm flies in Toy Story
That’s Mr. Evil Dr. Porkchop flying pig to you.


Go out on a limb.
Kaa hypnotizing Mowgli from The Jungle Book
Be careful, Mowgli. Beware of hypnotic snakes.


Gut feeling:
Winnie the Pooh’s gut literally guides him. A bear after our own hearts.


Hat trick:
Alice celebrating her unbirthday with the Mad Hatter
Open challenge: find someone better at this than the Mad Hatter.


Losing your head:
Luckily for Olaf, his head finds his body again.


Hold your horses:
Almost impossible, you say? Not if your horses are really mice. #magic


Hit the books:
Stitch is an alien. Probably explains why he got this confused. Silly, Stitch. It’s not hit with books.


In like Flynn:
Flynn from Tangled
So smooth with that smolder.


Have it in the bag:
As the hat stand proved, there’s nothing that’s not in Mary Poppins’ bag.


Off the hook:
Captain Hook from Peter Pan
Is anyone cooler?


Three peas in a pod:
Three peas-in-a-pod from Toy Story


Did we miss any? Leave us a note in the comments below!

Posted 6 years Ago
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