Kristoff Appreciation Post

Our favorite guy from Frozen gets a bad rap for being somewhat of a fixer-upper, but that’s also what makes him so adorable and awkward. And it’s why we love him. Let’s take a few moments and celebrate Kristoff Bjorgman, the ice harvesting/reluctant gentleman/reindeer interpreter of our dreams.


First of all, baby Kristoff is the best thing that’s ever happened.
This is not our opinion, it’s fact. Bonus: baby Sven.


When we first meet adult Kristoff, he thinks he’s pretty macho.
Isn’t that cute? Bless.


Then we find out that he speaks reindeer and is kind of rude.
But hey, maybe it’s a classic rom-com set up and Kristoff has a heart of gold. And honestly, speaking reindeer could totally come in handy at Christmas.


He knows that he has to do the right thing, and we love him for it.
Even though he’s a little protective of his sleigh. Guys and their vehicles, are we right?


This is the moment we think he starts falling for Anna.
He doesn’t consciously know it, but Sven totally does.


He even takes her to meet his family and is adorably anxious about it.
We don’t blame him, they’re trolls… and we mean that in the best way.


Kristoff helps Anna return to Hans to save her life, even though it clearly breaks his heart.
And ours. Those sad eyes. We can’t.


With some help from Sven, Kristoff accepts that he’s Anna’s true love (duh) and goes back to her.
He thinks he’s too late. And this scene is brutal.


After Elsa and Anna save the day (and each other) Kristoff and Anna share maybe the cutest moment ever.
Kristoff Spinning Anna Around in Frozen
The twirling! The adorable kiss! Oh man, it’s so sweet! Sigh.


And then Kristoff and the gang go ice skating into their happily ever after. And we’re happy too, because Kristoff is the best and now everyone knows it. Huzzah!


What’s your favorite Kristoff moment? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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