After years of careful thought, and countless viewings of The Little Mermaid, we’ve come to realize that Ariel is the personification of everything we feel, dream, and live. Case in point: We want to be where the people are, so does she. We want to see, want to see ‘em dancing, again ditto for Ariel. We’re basically looking in the mirror every time we watch our favorite mermaid and we are not even trying to hide it. Here’s the proof that Ariel is more than just part of our world:


She has a statue of her hunky crush, which she talks to on the regular.
ariel statue
We talk to ourselves all the time pretending to be a part of some grand romance. No we’re not crazy, we’re just like Ariel.


She wants to learn as many new things as she can every day.
ariel learn
So do we. We love reading and researching and other nerdy-but-cool things. We’re well rounded like that.


She’s super awkward on first dates.
ariel first date
Ariel’s disastrous “Kiss the Girl” moment would probably only rank like eighth in our top ten most cringe-worthy date moments.


She isn’t great at respecting authority.
ariel authority
Don’t get us wrong, we listen to our elders and appreciate their advice. But we’re not the best at following orders.


She takes every opportunity to make new friends.
ariel friends
Whether a group of cute seahorses or a new co-worker, we firmly believe that we can never have too many friends.


She takes risks.
ariel risks
Without taking a chance, nothing wonderful can happen. We’re always trying new things and going after what we want.


She signs things without reading the fine print.
ariel fine print
We’re not super proud of this one, but we’ve been known to sign our latte receipts without double checking that all the totals are right. This is one thing we, and Ariel, could get better at.


She thinks outside of the box.
ariel box
While we’ve never used a fork to brush our hair, we have used tape to get the lint off of our black clothes. So, basically the same thing.


She’s mesmerized by fireworks.
ariel fireworks
Us too. They’re magical.


She doesn’t need words to communicate.
ariel charades
We’re great at charades. You do not want to be on the other team if we’re playing charades.


What do you have in common with Ariel? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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