Chronicles of the Luxo Ball

Let’s bounce back to 1986. While the rest of the world was busy making shoulder pads and workout vids, Pixar created a groundbreaking short film called “Luxo Jr.”


Long before Pixar amazed us with Sulley’s computer-generated fur, Nemo’s colorful neighborhood, and a lovable bot of little words, CG animation was, well, pretty bad. Back then, people used computer graphics to make cheesy commercial effects, like flying logos, glowing objects, and weird morphs. But John Lasseter and Ed Catmull had a different mission: to tell a CG story with heart.


Luxo Jr.


Luxo Jr. stars two desk lamps and a yellow bouncing ball with a signature red star and blue stripe. The short is hailed as “the Steamboat Willie of CG” and scored Pixar an Oscar nomination. Now the lamp and ball are two of Pixar’s most recognizable icons. We followed the Luxo ball on its roll through Pixar movie history:


Toy Story
Buzz flies onto Luxo ball gif
Buzz falls with style right onto the Luxo ball in the first Toy Story.


Toy Story 2
Al's Toy Barn, Luxo ball gif 1
Al needs to tidy up the place. There’s an Easter Egg spill by the front door.


Al's Toy Barn, Luxo ball gif 2
The Luxo ball is there for all of your impulse purchase needs.


Monsters, Inc.
Boo with Luxo Ball, Monsters Inc. gif
Boo’s room is filled with all kinds of Pixar swag. Recognize anything else?


Luxo ball in bedroom, Up gif
Perfectly placed in the cleanest kid’s room ever.


Witch's hut with Luxo ball, Brave gif
Can you spot this little Luxo ball? Hint: It can be found on the witch’s table.


Monsters University
Luxo ball at Scare Games, MU gif
Funny how the flaming red graffiti becomes significantly less scary when this pan happens.


Where else have you seen Luxo Jr. references in Pixar movies?

Posted 7 years Ago
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