It takes a certain type of person to pull off the kind of stunts seen in a Disney movie. From swimming through the depths of the deep blue sea, to flying through the sky in a hot air balloon house, Disney characters are always just an arm’s length away from breaking a leg. We know what you’re thinking, “who would willingly put themselves in such risky situations?” Daredevils. That’s who.


Here is the definitive list of fearless Disney Daredevils:


1. Nemo and Marlin
Marlin smiles at his son, Nemo, while Nemo looks unimpressed during a scene from Finding Nemo.
Like father, like son. Nemo’s daring dart into open water wound up pushing Marlin out of his comfort zone and into the depths of the deep, dark ocean.


2. Russell
Little russell from Up in hanging from a rope made out of a yard hose as he dangles high above the ground.
Props to Russell for never letting his fear hold him back from helping his friends. This kid’s got guts!


3. Mulan
After receiving the medal from the Emperor, Mulan hops on her horse and rides home.
Not only did Mulan fake her identity to spare her father from going to war, she then proceeded to save her entire country from the Huns. You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty!


4. Dash
Dash is super happy and excited after punching a bad guy.
Dash’s unwavering sense of confidence and invincibility comes from the fact that he can literally outrun danger. Instead of feeling scared at the thought of fighting crime, Dash feels energized.


5. Merida
Merida sits atop a grassy hill as the wind blows through her hair during a scene from the disney movie Brave.
Merida’s not your typical daredevil. Her inner strength is far more impressive than any physical feat. She’s opinionated, outspoken, and isn’t afraid to challenge the standards and expectations of society.


6. Flynn Rider
Flynn from Tangled looks nervous as he holds up the "Wanted" sketch next to his face.
Flynn’s a bit of a rebel and a rule breaker. Luckily, his infamous smolder is always on hand to keep him out of trouble. Or get him into more trouble…


7. Pocahontas
Pocahontas holds onto John Smith, who's handcuffed and about to be killed.
Pocahontas is fierce! Like Merida, she stands up for what she believes in, and even sacrifices herself in order to save John Smith from being slain by her father.


8. Simba
Simba laying down with a little smirk on his face trying to catch some bugs crawling around in during a scene from the Lion King
Simba laughs in the face of danger! (His words, not ours.) Between his inquisitive young mind and his brave, royal heart, it’s no wonder Simba was such a daring little lion cub.


9. Winnie the Pooh
Pooh standing on unsteady books trying to reach a smackerel of hunny on the fireplace mantel.
It’s hard to say whether Pooh’s daredevil tendencies are a result of being utterly fearless or unbearably hungry. Whatever his motivation, it’s very clear that this hunny-loving bear will go climb to great lengths to get what he wants.


Are you a daredevil too? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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