9 of the Coolest Things on the Pixar Campus

We, Oh My Disney, hereby nominate the glory that is Pixar Animation Studios as the 8th Wonder of the World. This Emeryville, California campus is a treasure trove of gems, of which, we dug up the top nine. This place is what animators’ dreams are made of. Let’s be real — it’s what any human’s dreams are made of. Be prepared to be jealous:


1. Giant objects.

Luxo Jr. and Luxo Ball, Pixar Campus

The brains behind Pixar aren’t afraid to think big and do bigger, as shown by these two stars from Pixar’s first short, “Luxo Jr.” Now here’s the real question: Are these sculptures actually huge, or are those just tiny cocktail umbrellas? You decide.


2. The lobby that puts all other lobbies to shame.

Lobby, Pixar Campus

Welcome to Pixar, cowboys, astronauts, monsters, cars, aliens, horses, princesses, and superheroes alike. And visitors if you’re lucky enough.


3. The most outdoors indoors ever.

Atrium, Pixar Campus

Pixar is big on illuminating the place with natural sunlight, which makes for a pretty nifty atrium (and a pretty nifty photo of a pretty nifty atrium).


4. Activities, pt. 1.

Basketball Court, Pixar Campus



Activities, pt. 2.

Pool, Pixar Campus

Other sports!


5. Every movie lover’s dream.

Theater, Pixar Campus

It’s all the comfort of your favorite theater, minus the sticky floors, popcorn litter, and crying babies.


6. Pixarpalooza.

Pixarpalooza, Pixar Campus

Because of course Pixar would hold an annual outdoor music festival for employees and their families. Should we even be surprised at this point anymore?


7. The most un-office office.

Mark Walsh's tiki office, Pixar Campus

In the words of Ed Catmull, “The animators who work here are free to — no, encouraged to — decorate their work spaces in whatever style they wish.” Here’s animator and director Mark Walsh following the rules.


8. A very impressive use of office supplies.

Merida Sticky Notes, Pixar Campus

If you had the chance to change the fate of your office walls with sticky notes, would ya?


9. And last but not least, John Lasseter’s office.

John Lasseter's Office, Pixar Campus



This is worth a closer look.

John Lasseter's Office 2, Pixar Campus

Toys for days.


Coolest. Stuff. Ever.

John Lasseter's Office 3, Pixar Campus

Because at Pixar, it’s always playtime.


What’s your favorite part of the Pixar campus?

Posted 4 years Ago
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