Before They Were Disney Royalty

Before they were THE Disney royalty we all know and love, even little princesses had to learn to walk, and talk… and of course, sing. Disney movies that begin with the adorable baby versions of the princesses are always a special treat, because 1) we get to know their stories from the very beginning and 2) big eyes, chubby cheeks, squeaky voices. Whether they were born into royalty like Rapunzel, or became princesses later like Tiana, please join us in cooing over these tiny, toddling, mini-princesses.


Baby Rapunzel has both magical hair and magical levels of cuteness. Also, take note of the lovely details: she’s wearing a purple dress, just like she does later on, and the toy hanging from her mobile is a chameleon like her future pet Pascal.


In addition to boasting an adorable set of dimples, Tiana was already bright and quick-witted as a little girl.


Bonus: Charlotte
She may never have achieved Disney princess status, but Tiana’s childhood friend deserves a spot on this list anyway for being such a comical little cutie.


Sleeping Beauty
We only get a quick glimpse of baby Aurora, but she was already making waves as an infant by winning the distinction of “most dramatic christening party ever.”


We never see Belle as a little girl in her movie, but guests of New Fantasyland in Walt Disney World can visit her father Maurice’s cottage and spot a painting of young Belle and her mother. No wonder she grew up to be such a voracious reader!


That hair, those eyes, the impossibly adorable Scottish accent! Carry on, baby Merida, carry on.


The quick scene of little Cinderella’s happier days is enough to tug anyone’s heartstrings. It also features her bloodhound Bruno as a puppy!


Bonus: Evil Stepsisters
Princesses? Nope. But tiny Anastasia and Drizella deserve mentioning because they had ALREADY mastered impressive scowls by this age. Clearly, Lucifer was also an angsty kitten.


“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake!” Anna, you are the sweetest little girl we ever did see.


The lovable things about mini-Elsa include her early affinity for braids and blue dresses, and the incredibly sweet way she plays with her baby sister.


Bonus: Kristoff and Sven
Of course, neither are princesses… but have you ever seen a cuter pair? If reindeers are better than people, then this boy and his baby reindeer are better than everything.


Kuzco made it on this list for two reasons: there’s no “Before They Were Disney Emperors” list, and he would probably throw a fit if we left him off.


We hope you enjoyed this list of tiny princesses (and some extras)! Which one is your favorite?

Posted 7 years Ago
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