Everyday Occurrences in Arendelle

We all wish we lived in a mystical kingdom far away. (that’s not just us, right?) And today we’re breaking down just why one of those kingdoms is special. It’s more than a feeling, it’s fact. We’re here to prove that Arendelle, Anna and Elsa’s kingdom, really is more magical than the non-kingdoms in which we live. Talking snowman? Magical queen? Just another day in (and around) Arendelle. Here’s the proof:


Ice Harvesting is Done in Song
Without song, in the real world, we imagine this process is a bit of a drag. But just look how enjoyable it is with singing!


Trolls Engage in Real Talk
These days it’s hard to find people you can trust to tell you the truth. Allow us to point out that in Arendelle, all one has to do for some great advice is seek out these guys. Sure they might marry you to someone in the process, but they’re probably right about that too.


Reindeers Ice Skate
Sure, this might not happen every day, but we think it happens at least a few times a week.


Rosemaling is Always In
Quiz Which Disney Heroine Are You - Anna
We love everything about rosemaling, but we can’t exactly pull it off in Los Angeles.


People Literally Walk on Water
Frozen water, sure. But still.


The Sauna’s Always Open
“Hi, family!”


There are Human – Reindeer Duets
Where do we sign up to sing with a reindeer? WHERE?


It Snows in Summer
Anna Elsa Frozen
Like that classic Vanessa Williams tune decrees, sometimes the snow does fall in June (if you’re in Arendelle, that is).


“Toss the Snowman Head” is a Thing
Let’s all play!


A Crazy Trust Exercise Could Happen At Any Time
So too with falling in love.


Silhouette Dancing
Sure, this particular instance ended up involving a power-hungry Prince with a dastardly plan, but not all silhouette dancing in Arendelle could possibly be bad.


And with that, we rest our case. Would you like to live in Arendelle?

Posted 4 years Ago
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