Everyone’s a Little Like Woody

Okay, so we don’t own cow-print vests, have “ANDY” written on the bottom of our shoes, or have a snake in our boots, but that doesn’t reduce our rootin-tootin-ness. Even though Woody’s a toy and you’re most likely a human, you two have a lot in common, which is all the more reason to get excited for the fourth installment of Toy Story, set to premiere in just a matter of days (935 days, in fact. Not that we’re counting or anything. Is it 2017 yet?).


While we sit here waiting for time to do its thing, let’s look back at all the reasons why Woody is everyone’s spirit animal — er, toy:


Have you ever watched a movie? Woody has too.
Andy and toys watching movie, Toy Story 3
And he’ll eat popcorn!*


*And by “eat popcorn,” we mean “watch you eat popcorn because he can’t eat popcorn because he’s a toy.”


Have you ever had to give a speech? Woody can relate.
Woody gives speech, Toy Story
And we’re all a little jealous that he gets to use that awesome mic and podium.


Have you ever been hugged? Hey, so has Woody!
Bonnie hugs toys, Toy Story 3
Bonus points for group hugs. Extra bonus points for group hugs that include Mr. Pricklepants.


Have you ever felt sassy? This deputy is the king of sass.
Spanish Buzz impresses Jessie, Toy Story 3
Woody. Can’t. Even.


Sassin’ hard since 1995.
Woody is jealous of Buzz, Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear, Shmuzz Lightyear.


Have you ever had to bum a ride off a friend? Woody has experience.
Woody on back of van, Toy Story
He’s also an expert Easter egg hunter.


Have you ever thrown a bit of a tantrum? Woody’s been there.
Woody gets mad at Buzz, Toy Story
Respect the vest.


Have you ever been the victim of a temper tantrum? Woody’s done that.
Buzz gets mad at Woody, Toy Story 2
Don’t worry. Friendship always prevails.


Have you ever soared to infinity and beyond in a heroic attempt to reunite with your best friends who are all loaded up in a moving van just after you race toward them via a remote-controlled car that dramatically runs out of battery? Wow, so has Woody!
To infinity and beyond, Toy Story
….Haven’t we all?


How are you like Woody? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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