Dating Tips – Disney Princess Edition

We’ve learned a lot from some of our favorite Disney Princesses. Lessons like – you can’t step in the same river twice, and with a smile and a song life is just a bright sunny day. Most importantly, we’ve learned a lot about love. So we thought we’d look to the princesses for some dating advice. Because, why not? So, here we present some dating tips from the wisest of wise, the Disney Princesses:


1. First impressions are worth a second look.
Dating Tips_Beauty and the Beast
Just remember maybe… “there’s something there that wasn’t there before.” Cue tug at heart strings.


2. Maintain your own identity.
Dating Tips_Tiana
There’s no need to change who you are, you’re already great!


3. Let your heart guide you.
Dating Tips_The Little Mermaid_Ariel
Love at first sight can happen. Even if you and your true love live in completely different habitats.


4. Ask yourself the important questions.
Dating Tips_Pocahontas
Questions like, “Should I marry Kocoum?” And “How high does the sycamore grow?” And you know, actual questions about what you want too.


5. Never settle.
Dating Tips_Cinderella Dance
If you want to go to a fancy ball and dance with a handsome prince, do it.


6. Have an open heart.
Dating Tips_Sleeping Beauty
You never know when you’ll meet your prince.


7. Enjoy the little things in life.
Dating Tips_Tangled
Your handsome date can double as the perfect sidekick.


8. Everything happens in its own time.
Dating Tips_Snow White
And when it does, you could be riding off into the sunset. Metaphorically speaking, of course.


9. Make your own decisions.
Dating Tips_Aladdin and Jasmine
If your adventure waits outside the (proverbial) palace walls then go find it.


Case closed. These tips are positive proof that the Disney Princesses are a wise bunch of ladies. What’s your favorite tip? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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