It’s Been Exactly a Year Since Frozen Melted Our Hearts

Where has the time gone? We seriously cannot believe Frozen has been out for a year; it simultaneously feels like we’ve loved this movie forever and that it just came out a few months ago, right? Either way, today calls for a celebration. So we’re looking back on all the moments in Frozen that made our hearts grow three sizes and our chortles all the chortlier. (Not a word, just go with it.)


Baby Kristoff and Baby Sven
We actually think this level of adorable is illegal in certain states.


“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake!”
We can’t argue with Anna’s logic, nor do we want to.


The Beautiful Tragedy That is “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”
Anna and Elsa’s pain and loneliness is so so sad, so why do we watch this song on repeat? Seriously, why? Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez are clearly song-writing wizards.


Anna’s Morning Hair
We feel vindicated by it. We’re not even sure why because no one has ever told us, “your morning hair game is rough,” but we’ve personally felt that way from time to time, and so we really identify with Anna here. Overshare? Probably.


The Hans Meeting
Sure, he turns out to be an evil, scheming, jerk who would be totally cool with murdering people to get what he wants, but this scene is adorable. We forgive him retroactively in this moment. Just this moment, though. We still know he’s a bad guy. (So mom, if you’re reading this don’t worry.)


Chocolate Love
We’re not complicated. We know what we like and chocolate ranks pretty high with us. So, naturally, Disney characters who understand and share that deep need for cocoa are okay in our book.


Mental Synchronization
We know, we know. Hans is still evil and all that, but this song! Just give us this song.


Elsa’s Epic Door Slam
Elsa Gif Frozen
We now want to close all doors this way. The great tragedy of our lives is that we will never have the power to close french doors like Elsa.


It was love at first “hoo-hoo” for us and this sauna-owning, jovially-intimidating shopkeeper.


When Anna Meets Kristoff
Awkward tension? Loads of it. But you know what we sensed underneath it? Love.


Kristoff’s Weird Sven Voice
quote disney songs - kristoff, sven
Seriously, what is happening here? While it can’t be super healthy, we understand that these two are closer than close, and also it’s cute, so we’re willing to forget whatever psychological/emotional issues may have lead to this.


“In Summer”
The first time we saw this musical number, we legit guffawed. That’s right, guffawed.


The Knocking Joke
“Knock…just knock. Why isn’t she knocking? Do you think she knows how to knock?” We love that Olaf’s inner monologue is non-existent because he says everything he’s thinking. We do the same, but it’s almost always less funny.


Olaf’s Reaction to Kristoff’s Family
“Anna because I love you, I insist that you run.” And in that moment, we knew Olaf would always have a special place both in our heart and our neuroses. We had found a true kindred spirit.


When Kristoff Rushes Anna to the Palace
Look at his face and then tell us you’re not destroyed. We dare you. He loves her so much he’s willing to lose her forever to save her life.


Elsa’s Reaction to Anna’s Frozen Heart
We’re pretty much dead at this point.


Kristoff and Sven’s Reaction to Anna’s Frozen Heart
Nope…now we’re dead.


When Love Prevails
All is once again right with the world and we can finally stop holding our breath.


Anna Punching Hans in the Face
Hans Punch
While we don’t condone violence, we also can’t think of someone who has ever deserved to be punched in the face more than Hans. We wanted to reach through the screen and punch him, so we’re glad that Anna took care of this for us.


Olaf’s Flurry
Look at his cute little stubby feet just dancing around so happily.


The Twirl
Anna Spinning
Our initial reaction: Yaaaaaayyyyyy! Our reaction one year later: Yaaaaaayyyyyy!


Can you believe it’s been a year since Frozen came out? What’s your favorite part? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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