9 Reasons Why We Want to Live in Beast’s Enchanted Castle

They say that home is where the heart is, and our heart wants to be in Beast’s enchanted castle. Sure, there are plenty of Disney cottages, abodes, and palaces that we could call home, but in this writer’s opinion, none can compare this gothic chateau tucked deep into the French woods. Why would we be happy to pack our bags immediately and move in? Here, in no particular order, are the reasons:


1. The Library

The Library Beauty and the Beast

No room in any castle will ever compare to this library. We could write sonnets about how beautiful this library is (in fact, we’ve even dedicated a post to it). Best. Room. Ever.


2. The Ballroom


Seriously, our high school and college formals were held in banquet halls and maybe the occasional hotel ballroom. This, my friends, is what a REAL ballroom is supposed to look like. The floors, the chandelier, the fresco of cute baby cherubs… we could have a personal dance party in here every night.


3. A Dining Room Where Dinner Includes a Song and Dance Number

Desert Island Dancing Lumière

Dining at a super long, fancy table is great. Dining at a super long, fancy table where enchanted objects sing you off to sleep while you digest? Even better.


4. The Enchanted Objects

Enchanted Objects Beauty and the Beast

Speaking of elaborately staged dinners, living with enchanted objects would kind of be the coolest. How amazing would it be to have Mrs. Potts give you life advice while Madame de la Grande Bouche dressed you? Answer: absolutely amazing.


5. So. Many. Rooms.

Belle Beauty and the Beast Answer 1

Sure, we highlighted a few of the amazing living spaces of Beast’s Enchanted Castle, but can we talk about how many rooms there are in this place? We could get lost in this castle every day just exploring. We’d probably avoid the west wing though…you know…for reasons.


6. Better Snow Days

Make it Through Monday_Belle_Beauty and the Beast

We don’t know about you, but being cooped up in the house for a snow day can be kind of boring. If we lived in the enchanted castle, snow days would totally be the best. We would have some porridge in the morning, conduct a snowball fight in the afternoon, and read by the fire at night. It would be a winter dream come true.


7. Location, Location, Location

Beauty and the Beast Castle Outside

One of the most important things about a house (other than the house itself) is its location. The enchanted castle takes top honors because 1) it’s in France and 2) it’s in a beautiful forest surrounded by trees, adorable deer, and the occasional wolf pack. Okay, that last part isn’t the best, but again, France. It doesn’t get much better than that.


8. The Architecture

Beauty and the Beast Castle

Castles are pretty grand to begin with, but this one really takes grand to a whole new level. There’s that incredible staircase, huge arches, giant columns… we could go on and on. And be sure to take note of the flying buttresses!


9. The Mosaics

Beauty and the Beast Mosiac

Mosaics are cool. Mosaics telling your life story outside your home are even cooler. We would replace every window in our house with these if we could. But, we can’t, which is why this is made our list.


What’s your favorite part of Beast’s enchanted castle? Tell us in the comments below!


Posted 6 years Ago
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