Everyone Should Be More Like Baloo

Baloo is by far the most laid-back bear in the jungle. He gives the best advice a man-cub could ask for, has a groovy singing voice, and is cooler than we could ever hope to be. Here’s why we think the world would be a truly happenin’ place if everyone was more like Baloo:


1. He’s cuddly and approachable.Jungle-Book-BalooHow wonderful would it be if everyone were as approachable as Baloo? We’d get more bear hugs, thus becoming happier people.


2. He knows how to have a roaring good time. Jungle-Book-Baloo-3Literally. He roars. And it’s totally fun. We want to be able to roar like him. We’re sad we cannot.


3. He’s wise beyond his years. Jungle-Book-Baloo-1We have absolutely no idea how old Baloo is, but his advice is on point. One day we will acquire as much wisdom as this bear.


4. He’s musically inclined. Jungle-Book-Baloo-9Baloo can turn the jungle into his own dance party. If everyone could do this, life would always be a carefree, groovin’ time.


5. He has adventurous taste in food.Jungle-Book-Baloo-11Before Timon and Pumbaa made eating grubs socially acceptable, Baloo was encouraging Mowgli to try ants. Think of all the cool new foods you can discover! Ants might even be the new popcorn. (Probably not though.)


6. He is resourceful. Jungle-Book-Baloo-2Just look at how he turned a palm tree into a back scratcher! That’s some ingenuity.


7. He makes time to relax. Jungle-Book-Baloo-4Finding time to unwind is very important. Next time you’re at a water park, make your way to the lazy river and float around for a while. You can thank us later.


8. He’s forgiving. Jungle-Book-Baloo-10Even after a monkey hits him in the face with a stick, Baloo just laughs (at first at least). We would not be as calm and collected. It’s not until he notices that Mowgli is gone that he gets upset. (And rightly so.)


9. He has great self esteem. Jungle-Book-Baloo-7When Bagheera says, “This will take brains, not brawn.” Baloo responds seamlessly, “You better believe it, and I’m loaded with both.” Nothing Bagheera, or anyone, says can get this bear down.


10. He has an optimistic outlook on life. Jungle-Book-Baloo-5This one is pretty obvious. If everyone looked for the bare necessities of life we could all forget about our worries and our strife!


11. Bonus: He is a master of disguise. Jungle-Book-Baloo-8But really, we just like his outfit.


There you have it. Add these Baloo personality traits to the multitude of life lessons you’ve already learned from The Jungle Book and you’ll be set. What’s your favorite thing about Baloo?

Posted 7 years Ago
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