The Definitive Ranking of Disney Surprise GIFs

As far as emotions go, being surprised is near the top of our list. It’s so fun to get a (good) surprise every now and then and really shake up those reflexes. And, let’s be honest, the only thing better than being surprised is getting to surprise someone else! Watching their face as the inevitable shock waves over them, ah, c’est magnifique…but we digress. We’re here to talk about the best Disney surprise moments, and today we proudly present them in GIF form– starting from least surprised and working our way to most:


10. Iago nearly dying from “not surprise.”
Iago from Aladdin - Surprise GIFs
Our favorite part is definitely Jafar’s complete lack of concern and/or attention.


9. Alice’s arrival in Wonderland.
Alice in Wonderland - Surprise GIFs
We’re actually surprised about just how unimpressed Alice is by the fact that she’s floating down into who knows where, and there are objects suspended by some unseen gravitational pull all over the place. Talk about nonchalant.


8. John Smith seeing Grandmother Willow for the first time.
John Smith and Pocahontas - Surprise GIFs
What, do they not have talking trees in London, John Smith?


7. Shang’s kick in the face.
Shang and Mulan - Surprise GIFs
You go, Mulan!


6. Sebastian seeing Ariel on land with Prince Eric.
Sebastian from The Little Mermaid - Surprise GIFs
Who knew crabs could even articulate their jaws like that?


5. Maurice’s suave reaction to animated inanimate objects.
Maurice and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast - Surprise GIFs
Ouch. Sorry about that, Lumiere.


4. Kristoff and Anna’s chance encounter with Olaf.
Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven - Surprise GIFs
Slightly rude to play catch with his head, but you never know how people are going to act to this sort of surprise.


3. Jack’s thrill upon discovering Christmas Town.
Jack Skellington - Surprise GIFs
The pure joy in his expression says it all.


2. Pascal’s unique way of waking Flynn Rider.
Flynn Rider and Pascal from Tangled - Surprise GIFs
We can’t blame Flynn for this ridiculous reaction. We freak out when there’s an insect anywhere near us, not to mention a chameleon’s tongue in our ear. (No offense, Pascal! We love you!)


1. Sulley realizing that Boo has made it out of her door.
Sulley from Monsters, Inc. - Surprise GIFs
Folks, we don’t think it gets more surprising than this.


We hope these GIFs left you thoroughly surprised and entertained! While you’re wracking your brain for holiday gifts this year, allow us to offer up a surprising suggestion: know someone with a cell phone, laptop, tablet or all of the above? Of course you do, this is the twenty-first century and you are teach-savvy. What about getting them Norton Security? A truly unexpected, but sure-to-be useful gift.

Posted 4 years Ago
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