Spot These Hidden Mickeys from Disney Films

We don’t know about you, but we consider finding hidden Mickeys to be a sport. We’re always keeping an eagle eye out when we’re at the Disney Parks or watching Disney movies to see if we can spot those elusive circles. And because we love spotting hidden Mickeys so much (and because there are way too many!), we thought we would compile a list of some of our favorites for you to discover as well:


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hidden Mickey Snow White

Okay, so we know this shot of Dopey is kind of silly, but we spotted one of the first hidden Mickeys ever!


Close Up Snow White Hidden Mickey

It’s there in the bubbles!



Hidden Mickey Cinderella

Bubbles in Disney films are often a good place to spot hidden Mickeys, like this big one when Cinderella sings while cleaning.


The Lion King

Hidden Mickey The Lion King

This looks like the perfect place to rustle up some grubs…


Close Up Lion King Hidden Mickey

… and a hidden Mickey, too!



Hidden Mickey Frozen

When Anna visits Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post (ooh and sauna!) we noticed someone mixed in with all the merchandise.


Close Up Hidden Mickey Frozen

Hoo-hoo! There’s a Mickey Mouse hidden on the shelf.


The Rescuers

Hidden Mickey The Rescuers

In a pinch, in a bind, guess what the Rescue Aid Society relies on to be on time?


Close Up The Rescuers Hidden Mickey

It’s a Mickey Mouse watch!


Oliver & Company

Hidden Mickey Oliver & Company
You know where else you can spot a Mickey watch? Fagin sports one in Oliver & Company.


The Little Mermaid

Hidden Mickey The Little Mermaid

When King Triton arrives at the concert in the beginning of The Little Mermaid, we spotted a few familiar faces.


Close Up The Little Mermaid Hidden Mickey

There’s Mickey, Donald, and Goofy! Those clever Disney animators.


Beauty and the Beast

The Library Beauty and the Beast

As if the library wasn’t already our favorite thing ever, it also has a hidden Mickey.


Close Up Beauty and the Beast Hidden Mickey

The decorations on one of the columns forms those three circles.



Hidden Mickey Aladdin

After Jafar is defeated, Rajah turns back into a full-sized tiger, but did you see what happens during his transformation?


Close Up Aladdin Hidden Mickey

For one frame, Rajah sports a pair of Mickey ears! (We think Jasmine’s face says it all.)



Hidden Mickey Hercules

While Herc was leveling up to hero status, we found another one.


Close Up Hercules Hidden Mickey

The gears in the background make the perfect Mickey!


Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch Hidden Mickey

When Lilo tries to teach Stitch to be a model citizen (like Elvis Presley), we spotted some familiar circles in the background.


Close Up Lilo and Stitch Hidden Mickey

See them behind Lilo’s head? Now that’s a fruit formation we can get behind.


A Goofy Movie

Hidden Mickey A Goofy Movie

Oh, how we wish we could attend a Powerline concert. But, do you know who was there?


Hidden Mickey A Goofy Movie Close Up

Spoiler alert: it’s Mickey Mouse! Color us extremely jealous.


Wreck-It Ralph

Hidden Mickey Wreck-It Ralph

Before you head to Mr. Litwak’s for game of Sugar Rush, you might spy a familiar face above the arcade.


Close Up Wreck-It Ralph Hidden Mickey

Yep, there’s Mickey!


Where else have you spotted Mickey Mouse in a Disney film? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 7 years Ago
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