Life Lessons from Captain Jack Sparrow

He’s suave, has a style all his own, and has never met a weird expression he didn’t like. Yes, we’re talking about the one, the only, Captain Jack Sparrow. We all know he’s highly entertaining, but today we’re showcasing his more philosophical side. Here are some unique life lessons from the school of Jack Sparrow:


1. Fake it ‘til you make it.
Everything's Coming Up Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sinking
Notice that Jack is riding a sinking ship into the harbor. Now notice that he looks like the king of all he surveys. We believe he is king because he believes it.


2.  Maintain a healthy life-preservation instinct.
Are you cannibals chasing you? Run. Jack taught us the value of looking out for ourselves in every situation.


3. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself.
You don’t have to answer to anyone, if you believe in something go for it.


4. Live spontaneously.
11 Disney Characters Who Win at Life - Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
Stuck on a deserted island? Improvise. Hostage on a mission to the fountain of youth? Seize the opportunity and take a sip. (That’s a metaphor, don’t drink weird water you don’t know is safe, but, you know, also carpe diem.)


5. Have a code.
Q6-Jack-Sparrow-Jail- copy
For Jack the only rule is “what a man can do and what a man can’t do.” We have more rules, things about not murdering anyone, stopping at red lights, and being nice. Whatever code you live by, it’s important to identify what you believe in.


6. Life isn’t always black and white.
Everything's Coming Up Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack and Hector Barbossa
As Jack points out, madness and brilliance often coincide. Things can get confusing, and that’s okay. Maybe you’ll learn something new.


7. Know your true friends.
Jack Sparrow and Josiah Gibbs
Jack Sparrow can pretty much always count on Joshamee Gibbs. We all need someone to trust, rely on, and talk to, no matter what.


8. Material objects aren’t everything.
Everything's Coming Up Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack and Will
Not all treasure is silver and gold. Sure, some of it is, but a lot of the good things in life are family, friends, helping others, chocolate, etc.


9. Find love, and never let it go.
Everything's Coming Up Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Steering
Jack’s one true love is his ship, the Black Pearl, and he’ll literally do anything to get her back. That’s the kind of dedication we rarely see these days.


10. There is no such thing as over-accessorizing.
Everything's Coming Up Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack and Barbossa Eyeglass
Jack takes this very seriously, and we do too. Nothing makes an outfit like that tenth signet ring, or third hair bead, or large feathered hat…


What have you learned from Jack Sparrow? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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