Marie is practically purrrfect in every way. She is the quintessential lady (even though some write her off as “nothing but a sister”). Cat people around the world have named their cats in her honor, and dog people (not wanting to be left out) have followed suit. How can you blame them? Everybody really does want to be a cat, especially when that cat is Marie! Here are some reasons why we are utterly in love with her:


Marie is adorable.
Marie - Disneyland ParisNo wonder some people visiting Disneyland Paris don her visage when trying to stay warm.


Marie is cute and cuddly. Marie 04See how she snuggles up to Madame Adelaide Bonfamille!


Marie knows how to accessorize. Marie 08Her bows are beautifully coordinated and skillfully tied. Somehow they manage to stay in place throughout all of her adventures. That, dear friends, is skill.


Marie is one feisty feline.
 Marie 09She knows that ladies do not start fights, but that they can finish them. Marie has the perfect balance of sass and class.


Marie is a hopeless romantic. Marie 03She knows that love is not just “sissy stuff.” It is the cat’s meow. No wonder we’ve learned so much about love from Disney movies.


Marie has a beautiful singing voice. Marie 06Well, she’s working on it. Every cultured music student knows you must learn your scales and your arpeggios, and she’s learning hers!


Marie has flawlessly coiffed fur. Marie 01And she knows the importance of stage presence, even in rehearsal.


Marie has sparkling sapphire eyes that dazzle! Marie 07Just like her mom.


Marie has good, aristocratic manners. Marie 00She remembers to thank Mr. O’Malley for saving her life without any reminder from Duchess. Bravo, young kitten.


But most of all we love Marie because… Marie 02She’s a lady, that’s why!


You can learn how to be a purrrfect lady or gentleman too with this Disney guide to etiquette!


What’s your favorite thing about Marie? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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