You Know You Grew Up With The Lion King When…

If you’re anything like us, you likely spent one of your first movie-going experiences watching the phenomenon, the epic, the event (yes, we went there) that is THE LION KING. Growing up with this movie can cause some singular habits while pouncing through life. We rounded up a collection of some that were common occurrences in our households (and for some of us, still are).


1. You walked around your house holding your [insert house pet here] in a Simba-esqe fashion.


Nantsssssss ingonyaaaaaa ma bagithi baba!


2. You squealed with joy at the thought of naming one of your cats Simba or Nala.


You still wouldn’t be opposed to it.


3. You were always curious about how grubs actually taste.


But seriously—is anyone else in the mood for some gummies?


4. On the same note, you always wanted to taste Rafiki’s strange gourd concoction.


100% juice made for 100% mandrills.


5. You used to imagine sliding down the bone-slide in the elephant graveyard.


Maybe you even imagined it as a Disney Parks attraction? We sure did.


6. Scary scars + ominous english accent = trouble.


It’s a scientific fact.


7. You looked up at the stars at night and quietly whisper, “Mufasa…”


A true fan of The Lion King knows that the great kings of the past are always watching over us.


8. When you’re eating and someone calls you a pig, you look at them right in the eyes and scream, “THEY CALL ME, MR. PIG!”


You’ve earned the title and you want people to use it.


9. You were always a bit bothered by the fact that “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was never a prom favorite.


We still are…*sigh.*


10. To this day, this scene causes the tears to start flowing.


And boy, do they flow.


How has The Lion King made its way into your life?

Posted 7 years Ago
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