The Muppet Christmas Carol is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

♫ It’s in the singing of a street-corner choir, it’s going home and getting warm by the fire, it’s true wherever you find love it feels like Christmas! ♫ That’s right, it’s the day before the night before Christmas and we’re in a holiday mood. In this writer’s opinion, there is no greater carol than The Muppet Christmas Carol, it is a triumph of storytelling, casting, song-writing, Muppeting, and joy. So today come on a journey with us, a journey to Dickensian London on Christmas Eve. A journey back to all the best moments from the best Christmas carol.


1. Gonzo as Charles Dickens and Rizzo as Himself
Muppet Christmas Carol - Rizzo and Gonzo
First of all, Gonzo should always play Charles Dickens. In everything. He adds an artistic flair to the role that we’ve never seen anywhere else. And Rizzo. What can we say? After Gonzo tells us he’s “here to tell the story,” Rizzo adds, “and I’m here for the food.” *slow clap*


2. Singing Vegetables
Muppet Christmas Carol -Talking Veggies
That green pepper has teeth. Equal parts hilarious and disturbing.


3. Michael Caine
Best Scrooge. Not even a competition. Just look at him.


4. “Heat wave!”
Heat Wave
Kermit (we mean, Bob Cratchit)’s book-keeper rats are hilariously sarcastic but just self-aware enough to say the right thing to keep their jobs. We’ve never loved rats more than in this movie.


5. Fred’s Outfit
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Fred
We’ve rarely seen pattern mixing this on point. Also, we just love Fred. He’s so jolly. And funny. And unafraid of Scrooge. And merry. Okay, we’re stopping now.


6. Ice-Skating Penguins
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Skating Penguin
“One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas” makes us tear up every time, and as if cute penguins in Victorian garb weren’t delightful enough on their own, we get to watch them ice skate. What more could you want from a holiday film?


7. The Doorknob
The first time we saw Scrooge’s doorknob transform into Jacob Marley’s face, we were terrified. That was some legit sorcery. We still get chills when we watch this! (You can’t see us but we’re shuddering right now.)


8. Marley and Marley
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Marley and Marley
We’ve always found that the best way to communicate important plot points, and cautionary tales, is via song. Statler and Waldorf’s melodious warning as Scrooge’s old business partners, heckling him from the great beyond, is incredibly catchy and it moves the plot forward. Win win.


9. Sam Eagle’s Cameo
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Sam Eagle
This moment brings us so much happiness. Sam tells young Ebenezer that going into business is “the American way,” only to be corrected by Gonzo because the story takes place in England, much to Sam’s dismay. He then says, “it is the British way.” He is so confused throughout; it is just the funniest thing ever.


10. “Light the lamp, not the rat! LIGHT THE LAMP NOT THE RAT!”
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Light the Lamp
Rizzo reacts to things exactly how we would react to things. At least this is how we think we would react to getting our tails lit on fire. We’ve never been on fire and we don’t have tails. But we can imagine.


11. The Guy That Plays Young Michael Caine
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Young Scrooge
He looks EXACTLY like what we would image young Michael Caine to look like. It doesn’t matter what young Michael Caine actually looked like, this is what he should look like.


12. Ghost of Christmas Present aka Happiest Ghost Ever
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Ghost of Christmas Present
We could totally use a haunting from this dude. He looks like ginger Santa, comes bearing food, gets the whole town to sing in unison, all while teaching valuable life lessons. We think he’s the Muppet equivalent of Mary Poppins.


13. Horse Dancing
Dancing Horses
These horses have more rhythm than we ever will.


14. The Turning Point
Happy Scrooge
During “It Feels Like Christmas” we witness Scrooge’s transformation from curmudgeonly old grump to jovial grandfather begin, and it is magical.


15. Miss Piggy’s Feast
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Miss Piggy
Girl loves her roasted chestnuts and one of her (Mrs. Cratchit’s) daughters catches her in the act of shoving them down her throat as fast as she can, and then attempting to erase the evidence. We’ve all snuck a taste of our favorite holiday dish when the cook wasn’t looking. You do you, Miss Piggy.


16 . The Cratchit Family
Muppet Christmas Carol - The Cratchits
Umm, can we become honorary family members? Although monetarily they might not have a lot, this familial group of pigs and frogs has everything that they really need—each other. Plus they have mid-dinner sing alongs.


17. Self-Awareness
Muppet Christmas Carol - Scary Bit
Gonzo and Rizzo completely abandon the story when it gets too scary. This does two things: 1) Warns us that scariness is coming, so we should prepare ourselves and 2) makes the scariness okay because they’ve called it out. We applaud this.


18. The Terror That is The Ghost of Christmas Future
Muppet Christmas Carol - Ghost od Christmas Future
This guy has no face. There is vast nothingness inside that hood. So how does it stay up? How does he have hands? How does the combination of a faceless dude with hands make our very essence shudder with a fear that we have never before experienced? We may never know.


19. Happy Christmastime Scrooge
Scrooge is now the downright jolliest gent in all of London! And our hearts are full.


The love we found, friends. The love we found. You better believe we carry it with us so we’re never quite alone.


What’s your favorite part of The Muppets Christmas Carol?

Posted 3 years Ago
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