The Lovable Misfits of Disney Movies

What if Disney characters were all on board with the same status quo and keen on each other’s social cues? What if everyone thought they were totally normal?

Forget that nonsense. Nothing makes a movie like a scrappy, lovable misfit, and in Disney movies, the oddest characters are the best characters. We rounded up this ragtag bunch so that you can bask in the glory of their uninhibited strangeness. Let them inspire you to be who you are and let that freak flag fly.


Our favorite ice harvester is a little bit of a fixer upper, but a lot a bit of a reindeer-whispering hunk with a delightfully droll sense of humor and a strong moral compass, and it is for that reason that we love him.


Flighty Dory, forgetful Dory, naive Dory, knows how to read Dory, can speak to whales Dory, the most loyal friend you’ll ever meet Dory. Dory.


You don’t have to fit in to be an incredible friend, and if you want proof then just picture this little guy raising his tiny mouse fists and hopping back and forth, fully prepared to defend Cinderelly from cats and wicked stepmothers a zillion times his size.


A timid henchman with a killer spinach puff recipe! An impressive athlete who communicates with squirrels! Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Kronk is made up of lovely contradictions. There is no one in the world quite like him.


Not one to get upset that she didn’t get in on Flora and Fauna’s matching name game, Merryweather owns what makes her different, conjures some aggressively powerful magic, and helps save the day.


On the spectrum of “misfit,” you can’t get much more extreme than “only human in a pack of gorillas.” Tarzan totally owns it, though. He makes it work. He makes it look good.


It’s unclear if Dopey’s name predestined him for the life he lives or if it was the other way around, but either way he is a unique soul, and not just because he’s the only dwarf who can’t grow facial hair. Snow White loves him exactly for who he is, and so do we.


Belle’s provincial townspeople think they have her all figured out, and call her odd because she likes to read. Luckily, our girl literally could not care less what they say and does her own thing, and she ends up happily in love, in a castle, with her father safe and sound and a hundred new best friends. Let that be a lesson to you about the merits of doing your own thing.


“I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” Wreck-It Ralph wins 10,000 points for the very best “be who you are” tagline we could have asked for.


Pub Thugs
Thugs by day, aspiring concert pianists/florists/interior designers/mimes/pastry chefs/crafters/ceramic unicorn collectors by night. Everybody’s got a dream, including this ragtag bunch of misfits, and don’t those dreams just make them more lovable?


You think your life’s hard? Try being an alligator whose dream is to play trumpet in a jazz band without everyone freaking out. But here’s the absurdly wonderful thing—he actually accomplishes that goal without changing who he is (and we repeat: he is an alligator).


Lilo & Stitch
One’s an escaped alien experiment exiled to earth and attempting to go undercover as a blue dog, and the other’s a six-year-old who believes a fish controls the weather and thusly, feels compelled to deliver sandwiches to said fish. Suffice it to say they’re both misfits! Which makes it even more beautiful when they find ‘ohana in each other.


Before he was a hero, Hercules was a zero. That’s straight from the Muses’ mouths, and they are incapable of being wrong. If you’re wondering why you can’t seem to fit in, perhaps you too are an exiled Greek god who must prove your worth in order to return to Mount Olympus.


Next time you feel awkward, ask yourself, “Have I ever brushed my hair with a fork in polite company?” If the answer is yes, don’t worry! Ariel is a literal fish out of water, and she still manages to be unreasonably adorable and win the hearts of all she meets.


Riff raff! Street rat! Scoundrel! Running rampant through the streets of Agrabah creates a PR problem for Aladdin, but his attempts to rub elbows with royalty demonstrate that he’s much better off just being himself. Don’t conform just to fit in!


We learn from his touching interlude in Hakuna Matata that he’s a sensitive soul, though he seems thick-skinned, and isn’t there something downright poetic about a warthog with a heart of gold?


The logistics of structural integrity may elude him, and he may be that one friend that everything always somehow happens to, but Eeyore never gives up and never lets the gloomy days erode what we can only assume is a very subtle and underplayed joie de vivre.


Who are your favorite Disney misfits? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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