11 Signs it’s Time to Break the Spell

Magic only lasts so long, but as far as we know spellbooks don’t come with a user manual. So, if we’re hypothetically cursed, or cursing someone else–we’re looking at you lady at the coffee place that skimped on our whipped cream this morning–it would be helpful to be able to identify some key signs of how long the curse will last, and when it’s about to wear off. Are you still with us? Great. As we were saying, spells/magic/curses are a mystery. Luckily, we’ve pulled together some telltale signs from Disney movies, that the spell in about to be broken.


1. You’re Turning into Seaweed
This should be a huge red flag. If you find yourself shrinking into a weird half seaweed/half person, please be aware that time is almost out to break that spell. Let this be a warning to us all.


2. An Angry Mob is at the Door
Enchantments can be great, but if an entire village of simple-minded peasants are breaking down your door, the fun’s pretty much over. While our beloved objects are able to stop the crisis from escalating, imagine if the curse had been lifted, they were turned back into humans, and could have wielded pitchforks, fire, and other scary weapons. This fight would have been over so fast.


3. That Girl’s Been Asleep for a Long Time
While sleep is wonderful and necessary for a healthy lifestyle, sleeping for days (months? years?) is clearly detrimental. If you see someone who appears to be in her 19,540th REM cycle, it’s time to break the spell.


4. You’re in a Whale’s Stomach
Being a real boy is great, but what’s not great is being digested by a sea mammal. So when Pinocchio finds himself in such a situation as the above, we think he might better off as a marionette.  (Or not getting himself into such a mess in the first place… just saying.)


5. Your Mom’s a Bear
It’s okay to be frustrated at your parents, sometimes they just don’t understand. However, that doesn’t justify turning one of them into a bear. If you do though, you should probably figure out a reserval to that spell ASAP: looking inside yourself, admitting you were wrong, whatever it takes. Because your mother is now a bear.


6. It’s Midnight
a day in the life of a disney prince - prince charming, cinderella
In this case, the spell is about to break itself, so run, girl! But seriously, lots of spells seem to end at the stroke of midnight. We imagine this is because it’s the mark that a brand new day has begun. So just keep that in mind. If you’re casting a spell at 11:45pm, note that it’s shelf life might not be as long as you intended.


7. Your Friends on the Other Side are Acting Less Friendly
Having friends who are dead seems ill-advised to begin with, but we’re not gonna judge. However, when those friends decide to sing an ominous reprieve and look like they want to drag you to the spirit world, you’d better stop with the voodoo. Fast.


8. Your Magic Glowing Hair is Making Your Mom Ca-razy
Signs it's Time to Break the Spell - Mother Gothel, Rapunzel
Rapunzel’s hair is a great asset. If someone’s hurt she can help them. But Mother Gothel takes thing a bit too far and as Flynn Rider later proves, once the magic hair is out of the picture, so is she.


9. Those Mops are Out of Control
Signs it's Time to Break the Spell - Fantasia
Sorcery seems like fun and games until you curse a bunch of mops to do the cleaning for you and they become an unstoppable force of mayhem and malaise. Basically, if your mops grow hands, something has gone wrong.


10. Your Sister Turns to Ice
This one is an emotional and cautionary tale. If you can’t control the spell, bad things can happen. In this case, Elsa realizes that it’s love that thaws a Frozen heart just in time to save Anna. But she cuts it pretty close.


11. The Emperor is a Llama
Even when you’re evil, you should take pride in your work. When you pass it off to a henchman, mistakes can happen. Mistakes like turning people into llamas instead of simply poisoning them. If this happens to you, please do the right thing and break the spell.


What are some signs you’ve noticed in Disney Movies that means it’s time to put an end to the magic? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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