Every Single Disney Reference in Enchanted

We are all called to do great things and change the course of history. Since someone already mapped the human genome, our contribution is compiling this list of every single Disney reference in Enchanted.


Equal parts self-parody and love letter to Disney animated classics, this film is chock-full of winking nods to other Disney movies… so chock-full, in fact, that the entire movie is arguably a 107 minute-long winking nod. It goes without saying that creating an exhaustive list was a Herculean endeavor, but we did it because we love you. Take a look, make some popcorn, pop in Enchanted and see if you can spot these all yourselves:


And there you have it: a veritable treasure trove of Disney easter eggs. Have you spotted another that we didn’t include here? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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