The World According to Flynn Rider

Our favorite jovial thief turned dreamy hero has a singular way of looking at the world. He sees it as his to explore, and lives every day to its fullest. We could get behind this outlook. Without all the stealing and law-breaking, it’s a pretty sunny way to go through life. Flynn never lets an opportunity pass him by, and sees things a bit differently than the rest of us. Allow us to explain:


Flynn Rider - Castle
To us, very secure buildings containing things that we shouldn’t touch. To Flynn, low-security garage sales, where you don’t actually have to pay because the owners are just giving things away for free.


To us, majestic steeds and trusty friends. To Flynn, mortal enemies with whom you form an uneasy detente.


Flynn Rider - Nose
To us, receptacles for smell, and other scientific things that we don’t really know the terms for. To Flynn, the single most important facial feature.


Towers With No Door
Flynn Rider - Tower
To us, off limits. To Flynn, a mere climb away from a great hiding spot.


Flynn Rider - Thugs
To us, intimidating, scary, bad guys with whom we don’t want to mess. For Flynn, the butts of so many potential jokes–verbal and practical–that he can’t even think straight for want of carrying them out.


Flynn Rider - Pascal
To us, color-changing reptiles that are cute and have ‘80s songs written about then. To Flynn, frogs.


Flynn Rider - Singing
To us, a meaningful way to express our emotions with impact (especially in the car and shower). To Flynn, something to never, ever do (expect when threatened by men with knives).


Frying Pans
Flynn Rider - Frying Pan
To us, a method of cooking eggs. To Flynn, a dangerous, yet intriguing, new type of weapon.


Disney Soulmate_FlynnRider
For us, societal identifiers. For Flynn, interchangable not only for himself, but for everyone he comes across, according to his memory/whim.


Flynn Rider - Rapunzel
To us, a wonderful character that we really love who is awesome, relatable, and cute. To Flynn, at first an exasperating female stopping him from getting a payday, but later his true love.


Aww. What do you love about the way Flynn Rider sees the world? Tell us in the comments!


Editor’s Note – We called Pascal an amphibian, but it’s been brought to our attention that he’s a reptile. We should have paid more attention in biology class. 

Posted 5 years Ago
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