11 Ways Pocahontas Made us Appreciate Nature

Pocahontas once said that it’s important to, “run the hidden pine trails of the forest,” and “taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth.” As young kids we understood this to mean: appreciate nature. Pocahontas’s wisdom has stuck with us. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s great to go outside and enjoy nature:


1. In nature, animals can be the best of friends.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Friends
Like a little raccoon and a grumpy hummingbird.


2. In nature, trees = knowledgeable, wisdom-baring plants.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Grandmother Willow
They can even be your grandmother.


3. In nature, leaves are magical things that come in all colors…
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_John Smith
…not just green.


4. In nature, why bother with walking when you can roll down every open hill?
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Rolling Down Hills
No shoes, no problem.


5. In nature, you can follow your heart wherever the wind blows.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Leaves
(And it doesn’t hurt if it blows you to a hunky Brit.)


6. In nature, forests are just large playgrounds.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Playground
You can be a kid again!


7. In nature, you never know how many different animals you’ll see…
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Moose
… and befriend. Hey, moose.


8. In nature, there’s always fresh food.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Corn
Good thing we love corn.


9. In nature, tree stumps can double as great disguises when needed.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Percy
Bad guys are sure to be stumped.


10. In nature, there’s no better place to workout than never-ending forests.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Colors of the Wind
This lighting is much more flattering than its counterpart at the gym, right?


11. In nature, the larger-than-life surroundings really put life into perspective.
Pocahontas Appreciate Nature_Larger
After all, we are all connected to each other in a circle, in a hoop that never ends.


How else has Pocahontas made you appreciate nature? Tell us in the comments!

Pocahontas will air on Freeform today at 3:40pm!

Posted 7 years Ago
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