What it’s Like to Wait for the Next Pixar Movie, as Told by Pixar Characters

If you can relate to any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from Pixar Withdrawal Syndrome. Don’t worry. Help is on the way (in roughly 155 days).


Great news! The next Pixar movie is coming up.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 1_Monsters Inc

And we can’t help but jump for joy.


We do a little dance.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 2_MU

The excitement is palpable.


We’re so happy, we could fly.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 3_A Bug's Life

Well, almost.


We can’t keep this good news to ourselves! Must. Tell. EVERYONE.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 4_Toy Story

You’re going to want to hear this, Star Command.


The whole crew is super jazzed about it.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 5_Toy Story

Midnight premiere squad? Check.


We proceed to marathon watch every Pixar movie again.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 6_Toy Story 2

1,200+ minutes of emotional glory.


We laugh.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 7_Finding Nemo

And/or cringe in fear.


We cry.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 8_Up

Let’s not talk about the montage.


We develop a strong hatred for capes.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 9_Incredibles

And a strong love for Edna.


And then, we wait.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 11_Wall-E

Twiddle, twiddle.


And wait some more.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 11_Incredibles

Bob Parr is our spirit animal.


We eat our feelings.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 12_Brave

Because when in doubt, sugar.


Check the date. It somehow isn’t June 19th yet.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 13_Up

Come onnnnnnnnnnn.


Wait. Will MORE food make the time pass faster?

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 14_Ratatouille

Let’s just say yes.


Nothing seems to work.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 15_Monsters Inc

Why, time, whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!


But then, there’s a little glimmer of hope…

OMG_Next Pixar Movie 16_Cars

Could it be? Do our eyes deceive?



OMD_Next Pixar Movie 10_Finding Nemo

Hit play. Get excited. Repeat until June 19th.


Inside Out, we’re ready for you.

OMD_Next Pixar Movie 17_Up

How do you feel when you’re waiting for the next Pixar movie? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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