Disney Wisdom as Old as Time

Disney movies teach us so much about life, love, and magic. In fact, Disney wisdom is so indisputable that it applies to every single situation in the entire universe. We’ve decided to create a cheat sheet of sorts. Feel free to carry this list in your wallet for emergency wisdom-needing situations. Think we’re exaggerating? Read on.


If a fairy tells you to do something, do it.
Disney Wisdom Pinocchio
Pinocchio didn’t. And he got eaten by a whale. You don’t want to find out what the consequence is if you don’t listen to your conscience. Except we just told you; it’s getting eaten by a whale.


Don’t blindly follow people.
Disney Wisdom Alice
Even if they’re fluffy white rabbits in a waistcoat. ESPECIALLY if they’re fluffy white rabbits in a waistcoat. You never know what curious places you’ll end up.


Singing makes chores go faster.
Disney Wisdom Enchanted
Disney Wisdom Enchanted
Case in point: Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Giselle. Go ahead. Sing your happy working song and clean to your heart’s content. (Having animals also helps.)


Don’t underestimate the importance of body language.
Disney Wisdom Frozen
For instance, Hans motioned towards Arandelle when he said he was looking to find his own place. So much heartache could have been avoided if Anna had noticed! (We guess Ursula was right.)


Practice makes perfect.
Disney Wisdom Aristocats
Yes, most Disney characters seem to effortlessly burst into song, but we promise you they had to practice first. They probably even learned their scales and their arpeggios.


Don’t take apples from evil witches.
Disney Wisdom Snow White
No brainer? Logic goes out the window when you’re hungry. Seriously. Snow White and Giselle both fell for this.


Be prepared.
Disney Wisdom Lion King
For what? Everything. Including scary green smoke.


Looks can be deceiving.
Disney Wisdom Aladdin
It is what’s on the inside that counts. Like inside a magic lamp. (In this metaphor you’re the lamp. In case you were wondering.)


Use your resources wisely.
Disney Wisdom Pirates
Disney Wisdom Pirates 3
Sometimes you need a 1,000 foot high signal to let people know that you’re trapped on an island. Sometimes you don’t.


Actions speak louder than words.
Disney Wisdom Tinker Bell
In fact, there are a ton of Disney characters who say a lot without saying much (if anything) at all.


Love is the most powerful magic of all.
Disney Wisdom Frozen
Please see every Disney movie ever for evidence of this.


Hopefully this Disney wisdom will help guide you toward your own happily ever after. Most of all, take a lesson from Genie and “bee” yourself! What other lessons have you learned from Disney movies?

Posted 4 years Ago
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