What it’s Like to be a Lefty, as Told by Disney Characters

In days of yore, being left handed was considered a curse, punishable by having your hand chopped off–or at least being forced to become a righty. But now we are proud of our left-handedness and shout “huzzah” from the roof tops, “huzzah, we are left handed! Hear us roar!” The life of lefty comes with gifts and curses, to be sure. Today, we chronicle them for posterity, and with the help of our favorite Disney characters.


When you’re a baby, before you learn to write, life is a dream.


But then, you go to school and get a desk.
Sleeping Beauty


It was made for a right-handed person, so your arm hangs off it, as if dangling from some high-up precipice.


Everyone stares at you as you turn your paper sideways to write.


But even after you do, there’s no escaping getting pencil all over your hand.


And don’t even get us started on left-handed scissors. What a joke.


It would be easier to cut paper with a banana than with these tools most likely forged by the devil.


Then there’s sports. Where you have to learn how to do everything backwards.


You’re on your own as your instructor will inevitably have no idea how to teach a left-handed person.


Watches are a constant source of struggle. What hand do you wear them on??


And handshakes are all the more awkward.


You’ve probably become slightly ambidextrous just trying fit in in a right-handed world.


But at the end of day, you feel honored to be left-handed.
Princess and the Frog


It’s a pretty exclusive club, full of awesome people, and you are always on the guest list.
High School Musical


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Posted 4 years Ago
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