Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Are Real-Life Heroes

In case you needed to restore your faith in humanity, we have the balm to soothe your soul. After Sunday’s big game, about which Chris Pratt and Chris Evans (Star-Lord and Captain America respectively) made a friendly wager, they BOTH decided to be wonderful humans and visit a children’s hospital in Boston. Chris Pratt, who lost the bet but won an even larger place in our hearts, came dressed as Star-Lord and put a smile on everyone’s face. Chris Evans (who has promised to visit a Seattle children’s hospital dressed as Captain America) was basking in the glory of his win, but also visiting with the kids. Both of these guys are really stand-up human beings, and this is so very sweet.


Here’s a recap from Chris Pratt’s delightful Facebook feed:






Who’s your favorite: Star-Lord or Captain America? Tell us in the comments!


Posted 6 years Ago
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