This British Guinea Pig Discussing 101 Dalmatians Wins at Life

It’s Friday, and though the weekend is close, we’re not quite there yet. But don’t despair. We have the perfect piece of internet gold to carry you through the rest of the day with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. In celebration of the upcoming release of One Hundred and One Dalmatians on Diamond Edition Blu-ray, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere, allow us to present this little gem. Our scene begins in a girl’s room, filled with her pets—a British guinea pig, a sassy lady cat, a golden retriever in a baseball jersey, a goldfish, and the cutest puppy wearing a dalmatian costume ever in the history of dalmatian-themed pet wear. Join them now, as they wax poetic on life, love, and dalmatians:




Amazing, we know. We’ve already watched this three times today and we foresee many more viewings. Don’t forget to dress your pet up in cute outfits whenever possible, and bring One Hundred and One Dalmatians home February 10!


Editor’s Note – In an earlier version of this article we referred to the star of the video as a hamster. It has since come to our attention that he is actually a guinea pig. Apologies to the animal community. 

Posted 7 years Ago
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