Prince Spotlight Series: Simba

We’re the first to admit that we adore Disney princes (Exhibit A: the rest of our Prince Spotlight Series articles). They’re dashing, and kind, and thoughtful, and are just generally wonderful. Although we’ve focused on princes of the, ahem, human persuasion – we thought it was time to talk about another one of our favorite princes. The best part of this story is, we get to watch Simba grow up to be an amazing king.


From the moment of his pretty adorable introduction, we were simply in love with Simba.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba
He’s just a lovable little lion.


Then this epic birth announcement happens and we know we will forever worship his regal presence.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba Rafiki
It’s the face that launched a thousand memes.


Simba has the best dad ever, and we wish we could cuddle with Mufasa every day.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba Mufasa
Happy sigh.


Simba’s sass just cannot be matched.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba and Nala
Except by Nala, obviously.


He has a bit of a wild streak, and this actually gets him into some trouble.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba Elephant
He remains adorable, though.


Simba discovers that the world has some bite to it (get it?).
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba Timon and Pumbaa
It’s really touch and go for awhile.


But then, he makes some amazing friends.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba, Timon, Pumbaa
They’re by his side every step of the way to adulthood.


Simba spends some time with new (and old) friends, and eventually realizes it’s time to go home.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba and the sky
Cue intensely emotional scene.


He shows how much he’s grown up by standing up to his maniacal nemesis/uncle.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba and Scar
We can’t get enough of Scar, though.


Happiness ensues, and Pride Rock is returned to normalcy.
Prince Spotlight Series - Simba and animals
All of the animals (which we didn’t mention left, but they totally left) came back! Yay!


Prince Spotlight Series - Simba's Cub
Simba moves us all.


What do you love most about Simba? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 7 years Ago
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