The First Annual Background Character Oscars

Tonight is the Academy Awards, Hollywood’s biggest night, when actors, filmmakers, and other people gather to highlight the achievements of the year in film. Alas, once again a certain type of character hasn’t been included: the background character. You couldn’t make a movie without one, and yet, when it comes to award shows, they’re shamefully underrepresented. Not anymore. Today, we’re taking awards into our own hands (and then putting them in the hands of others), as we gather to celebrate the work of those great Disney background characters we don’t actually know really well, but love nevertheless.


Best Supporting Townsperson – Tangled
He’s just so jovial. Sure, you don’t really notice he’s there but we thinks he adds to the overall feeling of this scene. And that’s exactly what a background character should do.


Best Use of a Background – The Lion King
These birds are not only resting on a bunch of leaves, there’s also hiding Simba from Zazu while simultaneously readying to fly away for dramatic emphasis. *Slow clap*


Best Attempt to Steal the Spotlight – Aladdin
This background character clearly auditioned for a main role and did not get it. But she’s not letting a little thing like that stop her from having her big moment.


Best Nonchalance – The Emperor’s New Groove
This person’s entire job is to wave this towel at Kuzco in a fanning motion. Does he look bothered? Not even a little bit.


Best Overacting –  Frozen
Just look at the guy’s commitment. This is no ordinary background performance.


Best Blending In with the Scenery – Fantasia
Just an ordinary broom leaning against a wall? Nope! That’s a magical broom, folks. But it totally fooled you, right? That’s why it gets this award.


Best Ensemble Dance Sequence – The Little Mermaid
There are shrimp, clams, snails, octopi, at least one turtle, and an array of fish that have come together to make “Under the Sea” possible. Best ensemble, indeed.


Best Crowd Scene – Beauty and the Beast
This award could go to no other crown scene than “Belle.” These townspeople may be the worst, but darn it if they don’t commit fully to being the worst. And we respect that.


Best Extra Dalmatian – One Hundred and One Dalmatians
The only dalmatian that made the extra effort to sleep on top of one of his brothers. That takes ingenuity and makes him stand out.


Best Original Song That Includes Background Characters – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
What a song, what a lot of crazy French peasants. Who could ask for anything more?


Thanks for joining us for this inaugural ceremony. Be sure to tune into the actual Oscars tonight at 7e|4p!

Posted 5 years Ago
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