You Know You Grew up with Beauty and the Beast When…

The year was 1991; a simpler time, a time of sidewalk chalk and side ponies, of butterfly clips and pairing leggings with enormous t-shirts. Little did we know that this was the year that would change us forever: The year of Beauty and the Beast. We were about to take a journey to a little town, a quiet village and learn valuable life lessons set to music. We were about to see the film of our generation. If any of the below ring true with you, it’s certain as the sun that you, child of the ‘90s, grew up with Beauty and the Beast:


1. You get chills when the opening music begins.
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doooooo. Epic.


2. You will never be deceived by appearances.
For beauty is found within.


3. You went in your backyard with a basket and swung it around in your best attempt at quiet longing.
(Book inside the basket NOT optional.)


4. You pride yourself on being different from the crowd.
Belle was different, and she was your hero. Okay, still is.


5. Your goal in life is to one day own a swinging ladder.
Once you own a swinging ladder, you will have made it.


6. When inanimate objects turn out not to be enchanted, it’s always a bit of a disappointment.
Sure you always know it’s a longshot, but you can still hope.


7. You wish on dandelions.
Looking into the distance strongly encouraged.


8. You know what “expectorating” means.
Expectorating from Beauty and the Beast
v. To cough up and eject by spitting. But we didn’t have to tell you that.


9. This part was deeply upsetting.
We’ll help you, Maurice! Oh man, someone help please!


10. You wish Mrs. Potts was your grandmother.
Yes, you want a teapot to be your grandmother. That is the power of this film.


11. You may or may not have attempted to sleep in a cupboard.
If Chip did it, it’s good enough for you.


12. This stove haunted your dreams.
You now understand that he was just frustrated and didn’t mean to instill a deep fear of metal appliances into your psyche…but he still kind of freaks you out.


13. Stunning eyes are the most important feature in a potential significant other.
Here Belle’s totally making a subconscious memory for later, because at the end she KNOWS that the prince is the Beast because of his deep blue eyes!


14. The gift of a library is the only grand romantic gesture you’ll ever want/need.
“I’ve never seen so many books in all my life!” You practice saying to yourself in the mirror, so you’re ready when someone surprises you with this, the ultimate gift.


15. Capes are everything to you.
Also, you have tried many times in vain to get a bird to land delicately on your finger. So far, it hasn’t happened but that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped trying.


16. You didn’t quite get the cherub situation.
This was before you had taken any art history courses, so these chubby babies with wings were a new visual experience.


17. You witnessed your first angry mob before you were ten.
And it really taught you a lot about mob mentality and fear mongering.


18. This reveal was straight up MAGIC.
Beauty and the Beast Transformation
He’s a human now! He has better hair than us!


19. You were really rooting for Mrs. Potts and Maurice to get together at the end.
Who knows if it ever happened, but they’re clearly meant to be.


Did you grow up with Beauty and the Beast? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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